Cardi B’s Latest Song Features Kanye West Singing About His Tough Times

The new tracks by Cardi B, a Grammy winner in the female category, have just been released, and they include none other than Kanye West and Lil Durk. The singer, who was born in New York, claimed that the melody and lyrics of her new song were both written and produced in 2019, even before she released her massive hit WAP.

Cardi B teased her followers on Sunday night at the BET Awards by suggesting that she had something special up her sleeve, and the commercial aired throughout the show. She announced the upcoming release of a new song through her various social media accounts.

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Cardi B had earlier this week published a single artwork hinting that her next song will be a collaboration, and the collaborators would most likely be Kanye West and Lil Durk. The artwork was uploaded to Cardi B’s social media accounts, and it was posted earlier this week.

Cardi B can be seen drinking champagne and eating brunch on a rooftop in New York City in the concluding snippet of the song that she shared on social media. It was said that she was spotted wearing a robe and a head towel that matched and that a hearty meal was set in front of her.

The Song Was Written and Recorded In The Year 2019

She gave an interview to Apple Music 1 and the title of the song is “Hot Sh*t.” She noted that ever since she had thought of the song, this new hit had seemed like it had a manly vibe to it. She said, “People always liked this record, but I always felt like it required a male feature.”

“I did not know which male artist to put on this album since it has a special sort of rhythm that I feel like only certain artists could freak it.” — “I did not know which male musician to put on this record.”

She also stated that Kanye West had texted her the lyrics to his collaboration with Cardi B during the time that he was making news during the time that he was splitting up with Kim Kardashian and during the time that she was beginning her romance with Pete Davison.

Cardi said that Kanye West had sent her the lyric “a couple of months ago when he was just all over the media because of all of the things that were going on.” “I appreciate how, while his poem is personal, it’s not so personal,” you said about it.

Cardi B Got To Know The Real Kanye West

She said, “I can’t tell you how grateful I am that he gave me this passage.” “In addition to that, I had a number of talks with Kanye West. I now know a lot about him, and I’m impressed by what an incredible and kind guy he is.

I’ve recently had the thought that it would be great if a lot more people could talk to him so that they could get a better sense of the genuine “him.”” She also believed that the hit required fresh blood or the vitality of a younger generation, which is why she decided to incorporate Lil Durk in the mix.

Cardi B Is Ready For The Next Record

She has made statements indicating that she is prepared to launch a new album. “She went on to say, “And immediately after that, I really simply want to put that album together. It’s like soon after this record, I have another one that is different from this one.” I’m simply trying to piece together all of my plans and everything else at the moment.”

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She went on to say, “I haven’t performed in front of an audience since the year 2019,” and “I’ve been preparing myself for a festival.” “And my body’s obviously altered. I recently had a really large kid, and I’m going to be 30 years old soon.

Simply speaking, my physique, as well as the method that I program, have both undergone some changes recently. Consequently, at the moment I am focusing on doing all I can to crack out of my shell. Even at this moment, I’m filled with dread. Since ‘Up,’ I haven’t released a single under my own name. I’m prepared to put myself into beast mode. I am prepared to deal with it.”

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