Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery: Are The Rumors True?

Julia Roberts has been regarded as one of America’s sweethearts since the late 1980s. She rapidly became the standard leading lady for rom-com after storming Hollywood.

But, as time passes for women in Hollywood, the demand to conform to an unattainable standard grows stronger. Has the leading lady succumbed to the want to look younger, or is she still au naturel?

Why People Think She’s Had Plastic Surgery?

The Oscar-winning actress would have a respectable surgeon if she underwent plastic surgery. Wealthy Hollywood celebrities may quickly locate skilled plastic surgeons. As a result, despite Roberts’ unaltered appearance, admirers continue to wonder if she has undergone cosmetic surgery.

It’s challenging to spot many unnatural distinctions between images of Roberts from today and Roberts from earlier in her life. Most of the time, you can only really notice very slight, everyday indications of aging, and she still more than lives up to the label of “Beautiful Woman.”

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Even though the star’s face shows little evidence of surgery, some people think it’s not the right place to look. Some people get an especially pessimistic impression that the celebrity has undergone breast augmentation.

Others believe that the star has gone further, suggesting that the ‘no-surgery’ rumors are as fake as Roberts’s nose. Speculators think Roberts received a rhinoplasty (aka a nose job.) Others think that while her lips look like they did when she was young, that’s a sign that she has lip fillers since lips tend to lose their plumpness over time.

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Has Julia Roberts Gotten Plastic Surgery?

Julia Roberts hasn’t shied away from discussing the challenges associated with plastic surgery in the past. The actor told People, “I want my kids to know when I’m mad, when I’m joyful, and when I’m confused. “Your face tells a narrative; it shouldn’t be the story of your trip to the doctor’s office,” the speaker said. ​​

Roberts began working as a beauty ambassador for Lancôme at the age of 42, a position that was all about appearances. The adored beauty was nevertheless fiercely committed to revealing her true self.

A few years later, she talked about the importance of being authentic in her role as a beauty ambassador. She told You Magazine, “By Hollywood standards. I believe I’ve already taken a tremendous risk in not having had a facelift” (via the Guardian).

Nevertheless, I’ve informed Lancôme that I want to be a seasoned model, so they must keep me for at least another five years until I’m over 50.

Thus, while it’s difficult to completely confirm or reject whether a naturally beautiful celebrity has undergone a very sophisticated procedure, it’s safe to assume that Roberts is avoiding any significant facial changes. And we support that choice.

After all, the celebrity appeared on the “50 Most Beautiful Persons in the World” list 11 times in People Magazine. We anticipate that she will make many more appearances on that list.