Joni Mitchell And Graham Nash: His Relationship Timeline

Few musicians can compare to Joni Mitchell in their influence on modern music. As “one of the best composers ever,” Joni is regarded by Rolling Stone.

Her discography has earned her 10 Grammys, three Juno Awards, and an ASCAP Pop Award. As Graham Nash’s contributions to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young cemented him as a critical player in rock history, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted him in 1997.

Aside from their prestigious music careers, Joni and Graham’s names are intertwined for more than being famous musicians at the same time in history.

Indeed, the two stars previously were romantically affiliated with one another. That said, let’s break down the timeline of their relationship.

Joni Mitchell And Graham Nash’s Relationship Timeline

Joni and Graham, two of the most enormous figures in 1960s counterculture music, were destined to cross paths. The two ran into each other in March 1968 following a performance by Graham’s band, the Hollies, in Ottawa, Canada.

Graham meticulously described every aspect of the night he and Joni first met in his autobiography Wild Tales. He told her at the time as “the full package: a lovely, sylphlike woman with a natural blush, like windburn, and an enigmatic quality that appeared illuminated from within.”

After some conversation, he approached her, and they found themselves back at her hotel.

Joni Mitchell And Graham Nash

Graham called that moment “a seduction scene extraordinaire.” In his book, he said, “She picked up a guitar and played me 15 of the best songs I’d ever heard, and then we spent the night together. It was magical on so many different levels.”

Until the end of 1968, when they ran into each other again at a party David Crosby was throwing, their affair remained a one-night stand. The flame persisted, and Graham decided to live with Joni.

Graham only used nice words to describe their time together. Their love helped both of their creative minds thrive, and their domestic bliss at the time inspired CSNY songs like “Our House” years later.

Around the time of Woodstock in the summer of 1969, the two began discussing marriage. On the other hand, Graham was hesitant because he had just recently divorced Rose Eccles.

When CSNY went on tour in Europe with Joni, the cracks in their relationship emerged. During a concert in Stockholm, Sweden, the band allegedly made anti-American remarks on stage, which enraged Joni.

After the show, she and Graham got into an altercation, and she poured a bowl of cornflakes with milk over his head.

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Graham opted to accompany bandmate David Crosby on a 3,000-mile yacht excursion from Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco after the terrible loss of Crosby’s lover, Christine Hinton, in 1969.

Graham described their seven weeks at sea as a “bottomless supply of cannabis and coke.” When Joni saw the two on a tour stop in Panama, they got into a nasty argument, which signaled the beginning of the end.

Graham recalls receiving a telegram from Joni one night after returning from his vacation that stated, “Sand will go through your fingers if you grasp it too tightly in your hand. Joan, with love.” That marked the end of their romance.

Despite their turbulent relationship, it inspired some of their biggest individual songs. The relationship inspired Joni’s songs “A Case of You,” “My Old Guy,” and “River.” “Our Home” became one of Graham’s most recognized works.

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