At John Fetterman Rally, Obama Mocks Oz And Tells Crowd To Vote for Democracy

In PITTSBURGH, where he was campaigning for the first time with Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, former President Barack Obama urged Democratic voters on Saturday to vote to save democracy and abortion rights. Mr. Obama also made fun of Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican running for Senate. He said that Dr. Oz was just a TV salesman who didn’t care about helping working people.

Mr. Obama said that Dr. Oz had “answers.” He was referring to Dr. Oz’s years as the host of a TV show that sometimes gave questionable health advice. But, he said, those weren’t the right answers.

“You want to get thinner? Take raspberry ketones,” Mr. Obama said. “If someone is willing to sell snake oil to make a buck, he’s probably willing to sell snake oil to get elected.”

The rally was held in a park in the shadow of the 42-story Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. This is a popular place for Democrats to stop on their way to the polls on Election Day to rally young voters. The more than 1,000 people in the crowd seemed to really like the former president, who spoke for about 35 minutes.

Mr. Fetterman spoke for about 10 minutes. Since he had a stroke in May, his speech is still stuttering and he mentioned that Dr. Oz and former President Donald J. Trump would be in the suburbs of Pittsburgh later that day. Mr. Fetterman said that he was proud to be on the same stage as a former president who had never been involved in a rebellion.

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In his speech, Mr. Obama talked about how voting for Democrats or Republicans on Tuesday is different. He said that the choice was between “politicians who seem willing to say and do anything to get power” and “people who see you, know you, care about you and share your values.”

Mr. Obama’s speech was full of examples of how civility, truthfulness and respect for the other side of the political spectrum had gotten worse since he ran for office. He said that Republicans were to blame for this change happening during Mr. Trump’s presidency.

Mr. Obama said that conspiracy theories and hatred were made worse by social media, and he warned that political violence could happen. Mr. Obama talked about the attack on Paul Pelosi, who is married to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He said it was wrong for people “in leadership positions” to “make light of it” or “joke about it” after an attack like that.

He said, “More people are going to get hurt.” He also called out “big celebrities” like basketball player Kyrie Irving and rapper Kanye West for sharing “vile anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” online.

Mr. Obama said, “You don’t have to know a lot about history to know how dangerous that is.”

Later on Saturday, Mr. Fetterman, Mr. Obama, and President Biden will hold a rally in Philadelphia. This will be the last event of a day in which they could reach nearly a quarter of active Democratic voters in Pennsylvania.

Barack Obama tweets: The more things change, the more things stay the same. I’m just as proud to stand—and look short—beside this guy today as I was back then. Pennsylvania, it’s time to show up and vote for @JohnFetterman for Senate!

 Barack Obama Tweets: Our democracy is on the ballot. If we want to build on the progress that @JoeBiden and Democrats have made so far, then we’re going to need everybody to make their voices heard on Tuesday. Show up. Vote on November 8th. Encourage your friends, family, neighbors to join you.

Joe Biden Tweets: It’s good to get out the vote with @BarackObama in Philadelphia a few days before this critical election.

Joe Biden Tweets: Pennsylvania, you have the power to make @JohnFetterman your next United States senator and @JoshShapiroPA your next governor. There’s so much on the ballot. Make a plan to vote now:

Donald Trump Jr. Continues Infantile Attack on John Fetterman At Rally

Former President Donald Trump’s meme-loving son Donald Trump Jr. entered the stage before him and referred to Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman as “brain dead” during a “Save America” rally on Sunday night in Miami.

John Fetterman Rally
John Fetterman Rally

“I think that if you want to be a senator in the United States, you should be able to do basic math and reading,” the son of the former president, who spends a lot of time online, told rally-goers. Then, Trump Jr. said, “I don’t think a United States senator should have mush for brains,” which was similar to what he had said before about Fetterman’s hearing problems after he had a stroke. Those comments had also gotten him in trouble. When The Daily Beast tried to talk to a Trump Jr. representative on Sunday night, they refused to say anything.

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