Jhené Aiko And Big Sean Welcome Baby Boy

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, an American singer, and her famous rapper boyfriend, Big Sean, have a baby boy. Friday, the singer posted the good news on social media.

She wrote “11/08/22Noah Hasani” as the caption and didn’t say much about the not-so-easy birth process. Aiko said that Noah, Yoda, and Sani were born while it was pouring rain after she had been in labor for 24 hours.

Jhené Aiko And Big Sean Welcome Baby Boy
Jhené Aiko And Big Sean Welcome Baby Boy

The mother of two and Super Bowl LVI performer said the labor was like a “total lunar eclipse.” The nine-photo post got over 2.1 million reactions. Big Sean was seen in Jhené Aiko’s welcome post for their son Noah both before and after Noah was born.

The singer, born in Los Angeles, told them on July 3, 2022, that they would have a baby. At the time, Aiko’s rep told PEOPLE that the couple was excited and looking forward to this next step in their lives.

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Namiko Love gets a younger brother as Jhené Aiko and Big Sean welcome a baby boy.

Noah Hassani isn’t Jhené Aiko’s first child since she and Big Sean are bringing him into the world. Chilombo was taking singing lessons in Culver City, but she had to stop when she found out she was pregnant.

At age 20, she had her first child, Namiko Love Browner, with another singer and ex-boyfriend, O’Ryan. Even though Aiko already has two kids, this is the first for her new partner.

On the third slide of the new mom’s Instagram post, the rapper was seen with his head bowed and a brown cardigan on his lap. He was wearing a black baseball cap and a white t-shirt. His standing shows that it was taken before Noah was born.

The six-time Grammy Award nominee wore the cardigan and put his hands on his baby mother’s lap in the next slide. Big Sean and Jhené Aiko were smiling like happy new parents who had just had a baby boy.

On other slides, the singer’s family, who were there to support her, were shown. Noah’s hand was also seen tightly gripping a finger, which was thought to be his dad’s or mom’s. In the last picture, you could see the back of the baby’s head, and his mother was pouting right next to him.

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