Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album ‘This Is Me… Now’

Jennifer Lopez used the 20th anniversary of the “This Is Me…Then” release to announce an update.

“This Is Me…Now” will be her next project. According to reports, it “tells the story of her emotional, spiritual, and mental journey over the past 20 years.” People thought Lopez was getting ready to make a big announcement because she had been quiet on social media for a few days.

“This Is Me has songs where she opens up about her life and reflects on the hard times she’s been through. It also has upbeat songs about love that show off her powerful voice.

Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album
Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album

“Now shines a light on her hard childhood, failed relationships, and the amazing emotional journey she has been on,” a press release said, and Rolling Stone quoted it.

Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album ‘This Is Me… Now’ Release date.

“This Is Me…Then,” the first album came out on November 25, 2002. In a video posted on her verified social media, Lopez changes from the artist she was back then to the one she is now.

“This Was Me…Then” was written for Ben Affleck, her boyfriend. It had her hit song “Jenny From the Block,” and a song about Ben Affleck called “Dear Ben.”

“This Is Me…Now” has a song called “Dear Ben, Part II.”

Lopez hinted at her new album in a recent interview with Vogue. She said that the collection of songs would be “like a bookend to This Is Me… Then there was the album she put out 20 years ago when she was getting to know Affleck.

Lopez told Vogue, “I’m not one of these sad artists.” “Yes, I’ve been very sad and in pain many times in my life, just like everyone else. But when I’m happy, full, and feeling lots of love, that’s when I make my best music or art.

Lopez and Affleck got back together almost 20 years after they broke up the first time.

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