Jennifer Aniston Dating History: How Many Men Has Jennifer Aniston Dated?

When dealing with the media attention surrounding one’s love life, no one knows the game like Jennifer Aniston. It can be tough to discern reality from fiction when looking back at the star’s extensive dating history.

Aniston was practically everywhere after leaping to popularity in the mid-’90s owing to Friends — and after her 2005 split from Brad Pitt, who swiftly took up with Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, so were rumors about her love life.

On the other hand, Aniston has managed to weather any media storm that has tried to derail her career, including the often-invasive questions about her love life. We admire her transparency and confidence in describing her previous relationships and her continual courtesy when discussing someone involved in her personal life.

“In [my] own perspective, my marriages have been incredibly successful,” she said to Tig Notaro in 2018, alluding to ex-husbands Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. “When they ended, we chose because we wanted to be happy.”

After all these years, we’re still curious about how one of Hollywood’s top stars manages to reconcile her career, celebrity persona, and personal life.

We’re going back as far as we can in Aniston’s romantic life, examining her previous relationships and the chapters that marked those times. See this slideshow to learn more about Jennifer Aniston’s previous relationships, ranging from Tate Donovan to her marriage to Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston Dating History

While their breakup was amicable, it was nonetheless difficult. To begin, the actors were two of the biggest stars of the 1990s. Donovan also scored a part on Friends as Jennifer Aniston’s love interest.

“There were just six episodes.” Only because we were splitting up. “We were like, ‘Hey, can we not keep doing this?’ Because it’s extremely uncomfortable and tough,” Donovan told Us Weekly in 2018. “Those who know we dated believe we met on Friends.” But we had been dating for two years before that, and it had ended by the time we were on Friends together.”

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