Jenna Fischer Divorce: What Happened Between “The Office” Star And First Husband James Gunn?

Jenna Fischer Divorce: Celebrity couples have always been a big part of the news, and we’ve seen that the ones that can really make headlines are talked about for an absurd amount of time. People have always been interested in the lives of rich and famous people, and when love comes into the picture, they can’t get enough.

James Gunn and Jenna Fischer were married and both trying to make it in the business world many years ago. They would have a lot of success in the future, especially Jenna with her starring role on The Office, but they would eventually break up.

Look at what went down between James Gunn and Jenna Fischer.

Jenna Fischer Divorce

New as of March 29, 2022: Jenna Fischer is now married to Lee Kirk, with whom she is very happy. Jeff Probst, who is the host of the TV show Survivor, married them in 2010. Fishcer and Kirk now have a son and a daughter together.

Jenna Fischer Divorce
Jenna Fischer Divorce

Since 2015, James Gunn has been seeing Jennifer Holland, and in 2022, they announced that they were getting married. Holland has a big part in John Cena’s superhero TV show Peacemaker, which is made by Gunn. It looks like Jenna Fischer and James Gunn are both very happy in their new relationships, and they don’t seem to have any bad feelings toward each other.

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James Gunn’s brother put him in touch with Jenna Fischer.

There was a time when James Gunn and Jenna Fischer were married. It may seem strange to think about now that they have been apart for so long and have done well without each other. At that time, Fischer was already a rising star, but James Gunn hadn’t yet become a big director. says that James’s brother, Sean, was the one who brought them together. For those who don’t know, Sean Gunn played Kirk on Gilmore Girls for a long time. Later, he played Kraglin in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Fischer and Sean Gunn are friends because they have known each other since they were kids. says that the two met at an acting class put on by Fischer’s mother years before either of them became famous. Jenna had no idea at the time that she was going to meet the person who would later become her brother-in-law.

Truman Index shows that Sean would bring Jenna and James together while they were working on a show. From there, things got better between the two, and they ended up getting married. They were married for 7 years. Fisher would tell the outlet, “My manager found me because I did that small part. I also met Sean’s brother at that show. I got a manager and a husband because of that one showcase.”

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James Gunn And Jenna Fischer Split After 7 Years Of Marriage

​​​​Even though they had a cool story and something good going for them, the pair broke up after six years of being together. Divorce is never easy, but the two of them were able to keep moving forward in their careers after they broke up.

When they told the public that they were breaking up, they would do so in a joint statement. They told Today, “We’ve decided to go our separate ways. We’re sorry if this hurts your family or friends. We really are excited about each other’s lives, spirits, and careers. For the past six years, we have been each other’s cheerleaders and friends, and we will continue to be so in the future.

Fischer was still working on The Office at the time, and Gunn was making progress as a writer. In fact, Gunn ended up directing the movie Slither the year before they broke up. This helped people learn more about him as a director.

James Gunn And Jenna Fischer Remain Good Friends

​​​​​​As time went on, they were able to find new romantic partners and advance their careers at the same time. Impressively, they were able to stay friends through it all. In a world where exes can be a pain, they have both been great examples of how to stay friends in public.

James has even used social media to show how much he loves his ex-wife, who is now his friend. In a post, he would say, “I’ve never really understood how two people can love each other so much and then, when they break up, become so cruel and mean.” Even if a relationship doesn’t work out, that doesn’t make the other person bad. I’m happy that I still get along with most of my ex-girlfriends, but Jenna is the one I’m most proud of. She is a great person, a true and wonderful friend, and she will always make me laugh.”

Even Fischer has told the public that she and James are still friends after all these years. She has been a strong supporter of him, which his fans really appreciate.

Even though their relationship didn’t work out, these two have found ways to stay close over the years.

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