Who Is Jeffree Star Boyfriend? Youtuber Hospitalized After A Car Accident

Jeffree Star was taken to the hospital on April 16 after a bad car accident in Wyoming. Here’s what happened as we try to figure out if Jeffree has a boyfriend in the year 2021.

On Jeffree’s official Twitter page, the news about his accident was confirmed. After this, the YouTuber started to get a lot of attention as fans sent him well wishes. Jeffree posted a message on his Twitter account a few hours after the accident.

Who Is Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend?

Daniel Lucas was also taken to the hospital, along with Jeffree. During this time, a lot of people wondered if Daniel and Jeffree were together. In reality, they are just best friends and have nothing romantic going on between them.

Jeffree Star Boyfriend
Jeffree Star Boyfriend

Jeffree is currently single and not seeing anyone. In a video, he said, “I’m single right now. I am not dating anyone. I’m hanging out with someone, but we’re not at all serious, and I’m just f—–g enjoying my quarantine time.”

But there have been times when the beauty mogul has been linked to other people. People recently thought Jeffree went out with Kanye West because of a strange TikTok video. Jeffree said this wasn’t true soon after the video went viral.

Jeffree hasn’t said anything new about his dating life as of right now. It looks like he’s busy building his business empire and having fun being single simultaneously.

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Jeffree Star Involved In A Car Accident

On April 16, the news came out that he had been in an accident. The tweet said, “A few hours ago, Jeffree and Daniel were in a serious car accident. Their car hit black ice and flipped three times.” When the doctor tells us more, we’ll let you all know. So glad they’re both still alive.”

The post also included hospital pictures of Jeffree. Soon after this tweet, Jeffree broke his silence and talked to all of his fans in another tweet.

He said, “This morning was one of the most frightening times of our lives. I’m so happy to still be here. I’m in terrible pain because my back is broken and I’ve broken vertebrae in my spine. My doctor told me it will take a few months, but I should get better.

He went on, “My best friend Daniel has internal injuries, and because he’s been through colon cancer three times, he’s having problems with his organs, so they’re watching him around the clock. Soon, we’ll know more. Thank you to everyone who has asked about us.”

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