Jamie Campbell Bower on his favorite ‘Stranger Things 4’ Vecna meme

Jamie Campbell Bower had a friend Laura Michelle Kelly who referred him to her agent. Part-time model for Select Model Management in London. In 2008, he starred in RocknRolla and Winter in Wartime. He played Number 11–12 in the 2009 version of The Prisoner.In June 2015, Bower began playing Joe in Bend It Like Beckham. In July 2017, he appeared on Will. In January 2019, Bower was set to feature in Game of Thrones prequel Bloodmoon (also known as The Long Night), however HBO canceled the drama in October 2019.

Jamie Campbell Bower on his favorite 'Stranger Things 4' Vecna meme

He starred in Six Days of Sistine, co-starring Elarica Johnson. Since 2015, Bower has voiced Skiff in the Thomas & Friends franchise, including the TV show, two home DVDs, and Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure. With the release of Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 on Netflix, a plethora of concerns regarding Vecna as well as a plethora of memes have surfaced. Yes, I’m aware of the internet meme showing Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna clothed in a chair with a Starbucks. And when I had the chance to ask Bower about the publication of Vol. 2, I was curious about his favorite online responses thus far.


I ended the question by asking what song would save him from his own curse, to which Bower responded, “I constantly need saving from myself so I understand that,” and while you could ask a great many questions of Vecna and Jamie Campbell Bower will have very nuanced and honest answers to them, it was truly wonderful to hear him talk about his favorite meme that he’s seen of his character since Stranger Things 4 has come out. So at least we are aware that Vecna is comparable to us? I leave everything up to you (just kidding, Jamie Campbell Bower is a delight to talk to and an incredible actor).

Bower acknowledged that he had searched the web to see what others were saying about Henry/001/Vecna and what some of the memes were. His favorite was, unsurprisingly, a poor photoshop. Naturally, some of my best responses were given prior to the premiere of the play. I was unable to discuss it, but I was quite curious about what people’s opinions about Vecna were.

Jamie Campbell Bower on his favorite 'Stranger Things 4' Vecna meme

I would thus listen to what people had to say, and it was some sort of fancy fashion gala ball thing. They would then cut Vecna out in Photoshop in a very amateurish manner and place him on the red carpet. And I simply found it to be quite humorous. I just laughed so hard,” acknowledged Bower. I really like that. Additionally, a lot of the responses have been hilarious. This fandom, in particular, is very, very funny.

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Keep Running Up That Hill

The tune Bower ultimately decided to choose as his Vecna curse song is…unsurprising. Although I wish it were, “Johanna” from Sweeney Todd is not his own rendition. Instead, it’s a rendition of “Running Up That Hill” that I was familiar with before the current Kate Bush resurgence that everyone has succumbed to. I adore Kate Bush, just like Bower, but the Placebo cover of “Running Up That Hill” is the one I was familiar with and in love with when I was a teenager, and for him, it would be that version that would save him.

“I really, really adore Placebo, but I also really, really love Kate Bush. “Running Up That Hill was also covered by Placebo,” Bower noted. And it’s a lovely rendition of the song. I also adore Brian Molko’s voice. That band means a lot to me, and he just has a really beautiful voice. I therefore decide on that song to save me. From Vecna’s curse, which song would you be able to escape? Have you completed season four yet? Watch Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 on Netflix right away to see Jamie Campbell Bower shine.

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