Is Metallica’s James Hetfield Dating Kim Kardashian? And His Past Relationships

James Alan Hetfield is an American musician, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, co-founder, and main songwriter for the heavy metal band Metallica. Even though he sometimes plays lead guitar and solos live and in the studio, he is best known for his skillful rhythm playing.

In response to an ad placed by drummer Lars Ulrich in the Los Angeles newspaper The Recycler, Hetfield helped start Metallica in October 1981. Metallica has released 24 singles, 4 EPs, 3 live albums, 10 studio albums, and won 9 Grammys.

Who Is James Hetfield Dating Now?

James Hetfield, the main singer for the band Metallica and Francesca, his wife of 25 years, have announced their divorce. The relationship between James and Kim Kardashian is now official. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian got a divorce and they also split up.

The couple was caught on camera making out at the Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado. People saw them having fun in the hot springs, fishing, playing golf, and going on hikes.

Cameras caught the two acting like Lady and the Tramp while they ate spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Lisa Adams said that it was terrible.

“As I tried to eat, I had to watch the two lick and bite each other. It looked like they were animals. There were kids in the restaurant. I wanted to talk to the manager about my concerns, so I asked to meet with him. Because of that bad thing, I quickly turned down my beet salad.

Kim thinks James is the best match for her. He is not stable and has trouble with drugs. He also has a tattoo on his neck. I think he is the best kind of man. I’m so good at picking men that I should write a book about it. After going through three divorces, Kim has left a trail of broken men in her wake.

Hetfield said, “Kim saved me; she is my soul mate.” Sir Mix-A-Lot once said, “I like big butts and I can’t lie.” Being with Kim is like passionately kissing a waterbed. I have to tie a broomstick to my back so I don’t get sucked in. As soon as she starts to move, the vortex gets very strong.

Hetfield says that he and Kim are making new Metallica songs right now. Hetfield laughed and said, “She has a lot of good ideas and a beautiful voice.” We have already done a duet of that song by James Taylor and Carly Simon. You know, mock ’em, mock ’em, mock ’em. It will be really cool. I can’t wait to tell Lars the good news, because he’ll love Kim just as much as I do.

The Wife of James Hetfield in 2022

The American metal musician, who is 59 years old, is married to Francesca Hetfield. On January 1, 1992, they began going out together. James Hetfield doesn’t talk much about his relationships with other people. We want him to do well no matter what his relationship status is.

James Hetfield's Wife
James Hetfield’s Wife

James and Francesca have been together for six years and are seen as a strong pair. When talking about their relationship, the Unforgiven singer would say nice things about her and say that she helped him become a better person and keep his anger in check.

However, we can be sure that Jame Hetfield’s infidelity is to blame if we look at the majority of divorce cases and their divorce issue as a whole. Reports from many news outlets say that James is dating Kim Kardashian.

James Hetfield’s Past Relationships

At least six people have been with James Hetfield. We don’t know everything there is to know about James Hetfield’s past relationships and partnerships. Most of the time, it’s easy to find out who James is seeing, but it’s harder to keep track of all of his hookups, flings, and breakups. Even in the year 2022, we are still amazed by how celebrities manage to keep their lives secret.

James Hetfield never got married before. Since 1983, James Hetfield has been in relationships with Teresa Haynes, Marlo Broaddus, Leah Storkson, and Kristen (1988–1990).

Studies show that 40% of men tell their partners how they feel for the first time in the first month of a relationship. However, most men wait 90 days and most women wait 134 days. There are three of his kids. Some people say that James Hetfield and Alycen Rowse slept together.

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