For What Reason Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan?

Itachi Uchiha is a fan favourite and one of the most mysterious figures in the Naruto canon. Despite being a formidable and skilled ninja, he gained notoriety for a less than admirable reason one of which is he slaughtered his family. What motivated Itachi to wipe out his family, though?

The Coup d’etat that Itachi’s clan planned against the Leaf Village was stopped when he eliminated them. In the 455th episode of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden, titled “Moonlit Night,” he slaughtered his tribe.

Itachi had to kill his entire family and the rest of the Uchiha clan when he was just 13 years old. The people of Hidden Leaf Village back then did not respect or trust the Uchiha family and as a result, they frequently mistreated them. Since this was the case, they decided to wage a covert war against the town.

To learn why Itachi spared certain members of his tribe and why he decided to wipe all the rest and get answers to some intriguing “what if” questions, keep reading.

For What Reason Did Itachi Spared Sasuke?

Itachi spared Sasuke because of the tremendous love Itachi had for him. Itachi was offered an option between helping his family overthrow the leaf village or joining them in their plot. Danzo had warned him that the Uchiha clan would be exterminated no matter what but that he could spare his brother.

In addition, Danzo gave Itachi the impression that the only way to save his brother was for him to take the situation into his own hands and deal with it himself. Itachi’s love for Sasuke was so great that he was willing to sacrifice his own clan’s lives to save his younger brother from the consequences of their actions.

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Why Does Itachi Always Press On Sasuke’s Forehead?

Itachi would always give Sasuke a gentle poke in the temple as a gesture of repentance and when he didn’t have enough time for him. Some fans are under the impression that Itachi pricked Sasuke in the temple to keep him at bay and convey how much he loved him.

Itachi prodded his forehead for the final time and whispered an apology to Sasuke for everything that had occurred to him during his last moments. The gentle pinch symbolized the affection and loved the two Uchiha brothers shared on the forehead they gave each other.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan?
Why Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan?

Did Itachi Remorse Murder His Clan?

Itachi did not feel remorse for the deaths of his clan members because he was confident that what he did was for the sake of the world as a whole. Itachi opposed the tactics employed by the Uchiha and their overall strategy to overthrow the government. The young Anbu member did everything in his power to avoid any catastrophe from occurring and make peace with the Leaf Village. Sasuke made the incorrect decision as a direct result of his actions, which he deeply regrets.

He was sorry that he hadn’t included him more in the decisions made for the family since he believed that doing so could have spared his younger brother some of the anguish he caused.

What If Itachi Did Not Murder His Clan?

Danzo and the third Hokage would have taken action against them if Itachi hadn’t slaughtered his clan. But because Itachi did kill his family, they didn’t. The entire Uchiha Clan, including Sasuke, was intended to be killed by the plot.

The massacre would not have ended there and the Uchihas would have claimed many other lives. It would have led to yet another conflict amongst the Shinobi and an even greater catastrophe.

Why Did Itachi Choose To Kill Izumi first?

Itachi eliminated any possibility of reluctance by eliminating Izumi first before killing the rest of his family and the clan as a whole. Because the young member of the Anbu and Izumi developed an affection for one another, it was challenging for Itachi to kill her.

The majority of fans find the scene depicting Izumi’s death to be very upsetting. Izumi was subjected to a genjutsu by Itachi, during which she was shown an illusion of her future with Itachi, in which she married and bore his children. Itachi executed her kindly, and as she passed away in his arms, she had a grin.

Was Itachi A Snitch?

As you suspected, Itachi was a double agent, serving both the Hidden Leaf Village and the Uchiha family. He was a gifted kid who joined the Anbu when he was only 11. The Uchihas had been employing him as an agent because of his prominence in the community, but he turned into a double agent to avert a conflict.

The Uchiha were seeking retribution for centuries of mistreatment. What would happen if the Uchiha attempted their coup was not lost on Itachi? As a result, he began communicating with the Third Hokage about their strategy to make peace and avoid violence.

Why Did Itachi Become Evil?

Itachi wasn’t a nasty guy at heart. He only played one for dramatic effect. Itachi was forced to kill his entire family to save his sibling and the world when he was young. He was a good person trapped in a bad situation. Most people think that his life narrative is not of heroism but tragedy and sadness.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Entire Clan?

Was The Clan Uchiha Malevolent?

The Uchiha family is not wrong, but they are the inspiration for most of the bad guys in the Naruto series. Big bad in the show includes antagonists like Madara and Obito, who have destroyed entire cities. However, it would be unfair to label the Uchiha Clan as evil just because of their acts.

The Uchiha have extremely polarised emotions; they love intensely or feel nothing. Even more so after Tobirama, the Uchiha family never really got involved. Tobirama put the Uchiha to the police force to keep them away from the frontiers. In addition, the Uchiha felt increasingly sidelined under Danzo, which prompted them to begin plotting the Coup d’etat. The Uchiha wasn’t evil, as they only tried to preserve their race.

How Did Itachi Get His Face Lines?

The creases on Itachi’s face are stress lines that perfectly depict his personality. The lines were scarcely evident as a child, but as he grew older, they became more noticeable.

The lines and depression on his face result from the highly arduous and stressful missions he completed. As an Anbu member, Itachi had to deal with various challenging situations. Furthermore, the stress of slaying his entire clan and injuring Sasuke widened the wrinkles on his face.

Final Lines

To protect the Leafe Village and Sasuke, Itachi joined the Akatsuki. He put himself in a situation where he could use extraordinary measures to defend them. Because of his acts against his own family, Itachi had difficulty maintaining his residence in Konoha.

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