Is Venus Williams Married? Does She Have Kids And A Husband?

Venus Williams has been a pro athlete since she was 14 years old when she was already a tennis star. Since then, she has won seven Grand Slam singles titles, five Wimbledon singles titles and two US Open singles titles. This makes her one of the most successful female athletes of all time. But is the person from California married? Keep going down the page to find out everything we know about Venus’s family.

Who Is Venus Williams?

Venus Williams used to be World No. 1. She has won many titles and has a great tennis reputation among her peers and in the tennis industry. Venus Williams and Serena Williams have been known for a long time as two of the best tennis players ever. Serena Williams said she was going to retire, which will happen after the 2022 US Open. She stopped playing tennis because she had to take care of her family. But what about Venus Williams, her older sister?

Venus Williams has been the top player in both singles and doubles. Venus Williams has won 7 singles grand slam titles (5 at Wimbledon and 2 at the US Open). Unlike her sister Serena, who is married to Alexis Ohanian and has a daughter with him, Venus has kept her personal life mostly quiet.

Is Venus Williams Married?

Serena Williams got married to Alexis Ohanian, an internet entrepreneur, in 2017. Before that, Venus said she was “undateable.” Venus told ESPN reporter Chris Evert in June 2021, after she won her first-round match at Wimbledon, “I’m VERY single.” “I may not be dateable, in fact.”

is venus williams married?
is venus williams married?

The athlete had said things like this before, though. During an Instagram Live Q&A in April 2021, just two months before, she answered fan requests to date her. “A lot of people have asked me out on dates. She told him, “I’m just not, I’d say I’m undateable,” according to a report by Essentially Sports. Venus said, “That’s fine, I’m happy.”

She then said, “I get a lot of questions asking if I’m married, if I’m getting married, or if I’ll marry you.” She shut them down with force. She said at the time, “The answer to all of them is NO.”

Venus is currently single in 2022, but she has been linked to Australian actor Nicholas Hammond, Cuban model Elio Pis and pro golfer Hank Kuehne in the past.

Does Venus Williams Have Children?

Venus doesn’t have any kids of her own, but she is a big part of how her sister Serena’s daughter grows up.

“Venus is great,” Serena said at the 2019 Palace Invitational at Lotte New York Palace. She and her husband had a daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., in September 2017. “We didn’t grow up! All of us are just kids having fun.”

Serena said that adding a child to their family should have made things change more. “Our relationship was already great, so there was no need for anything to change.”

Venus told PureWow in October 2019 that she loves how easy it is to be Olympia’s aunt. “All I have to do is come and have fun as an aunt. I don’t really need to follow rules.” “She wants snacks and I’m thinking, How can I say no to this cute little person? “Did you ask your mom if you could do this?” I always ask. She also said, before making a joke, “[Olympia] always tricks me.”

Meet Venus Williams’ Family

Richard Williams and Oracene Price, who had Venus and Serena, split up in 2002. On their mother’s side, the famous sisters have three half-sisters: Lyndrea, Isha and Yetunde Price, who all died in 2003. On their father’s side, they are also half-siblings with Sabrina, Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, Reneeka, Dylan and Chavoita.

Venus loves animals and takes care of three: two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one named Harold who is a Havanese.

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