Is Tim From “90 Day Fiancé” Gay? Tim Malcolm Opens Up On His S*xuality

“90 Day Fiancé” has become a guilty pleasure for the audiences. All the drama that goes down on-screen and off-screen of the couples who chose to be a part of the reality show intrigues us. Like many other couples, Tim Malcolm chose to be part of the show. He made his debut with his then-girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona in “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” however, it is his relationship with ex-fiancé Veronica that has intrigued the fans the most.

Tim and Jeniffer attended the show to resolve the issues that Jeniffer has with Tim being extremely close with his ex-Veronica. And of course, just like any other girlfriend, she is quite jealous. But soon, speculations started stemming that Tim is gay and fans all over the internet started questioning, “Is Tim from 90-Day Fiancé Gay?”  Tim himself has clarified the doubts for fans and today we are going to know more about Tim Malcolm.

Who Is Tim Malcolm?

Tim Malcolm has become a TV star after he became a part of “90 Day Fiancé Season 3”. He came to the limelight along with Jeniffer and their romance was short-lived. Born on 30th June 1980, Tim is currently 42 years old. Now, he has become a staple of the famous TLC franchise that had made him famous to the world. But if you are wondering what Tim’s actual profession is, we have the answer. Tim is actually an entrepreneur himself having a very successful business venture where he also custom makes guns for his exclusive clients. The name of the business is “Gringo Guns” and it is based in North Carolina.

This business basically does custom engraving on the guns as per the customer’s demands. The guns can have gold plating, stainless polishing, and any such appearance to give them a more exotic and rare feel. He also earns by creating videos for his dedicated fans through popular apps like Cameo and more. The star is also bagging brand endorsements that are definitely increasing his income.

His complicated relationship with ex-Veronica and then-girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona has drawn a lot of attention. But amidst that, fans are still wondering about Tim Malcolm’s sexuality.

Is Tim Malcolm Gay?

The question regarding Malcolm’s sexuality has been lingering ever since Jesse, who dated Darcey, Maria, and now Tim’s ex Jeniffer hinted about Malcolm being gay. During an episode of “90 Day Bares All,” Tim said that it was Jeniffer who claimed about Malcolm constantly talking about Jesse and how much he is obsessed with it. One thing to note is that Jeniffer and Tim never slept or got intimate with each other. Even host Shaun Robinson, questioned him about not having an interest in sleeping with Jeniffer. It was then that Jeniffer and many of the fans started considering and questioning Jeniffer’s s*xuality. 

Is Tim Malcolm Gay?
Is Tim Malcolm Gay?

When Tim was further questioned in the show and clarified that he isn’t gay. He addressed how he cannot stand bullies since he has been subjected to bullying as a child. Tim further explained that he is a man who is above 40 years and it takes more than physical intimacy to be attracted to someone. He wants to love, and feel loved. That is why he refused to sleep with Jeniffer time and again.

“I’ve never been with a man, wanted to be with a man, like, never had any thoughts other than women and I like women,” “That’s it. It will never change, for all you people that are DM’ing me, saying, ‘Hey, if you ever change your mind, I’m here.’ Sorry fellas, it’s not gonna happen.”

He also added about his ex-Jeniffer and Jesse’s relationship by saying, “They seem like the perfect match for each other. They’re both self-centered, kind of egotistical, narcissistic.” “They’ll be a great match until it fizzles out. I would put my bottom dollar that you won’t ever see them together long-term and he better has a big wallet to keep her happy.”

Recently again, speculations regarding Tim’s sexuality were under question. And this time, he took to Instagram stories to make it clear for once and all. 

He went on to share a tweet that talked about Tim, saying, “The amount of Gay Panic that Tim has unleashed by simply having style without being gay is kind of disturbing honestly.”

And Tim captioned it as “Facts”.

Currently, Jim is dating Linda Ramirez who he started seeing after his break-up with Jeniffer. So, Tim is not at all gay.

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