Is Taylor Swift Pregnant? Why Are Fans Convinced After ‘Evermore’ Album

The pop icon who rules in your heart rent-free has been living her best life. She is in her own space, dropping albums here and there and making her fans happy with evergreen Taylor Swift music. Back in 2020, Swift dropped her eighth album “Folklore” with only 24 hours’ notice. 

And what else is a Taylor Swift album known for? Yes, you guessed it right, it is the Easter Eggs that keep the fans hooked to her tunes. Swift keeps dropping hints about her life in her songs and fans love to know more about their favorite celebs at such a personal level. As a matter of fact, fans are speculating that some of the newly released music videos and songs hint about Taylor expecting a baby with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Is Taylor Swift pregnant? Or is it just another rumor? You will get to know about the details in this article.

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

After dropping her second album of 2020, “Evermore,” at midnight ET on December 11, fans became sure that their legendary pop singer is either married or pregnant with a child.

Many fans have tweeted and made TikTok after determining the hidden Easter eggs and pointing out the true meanings of the songs.

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?
Is Taylor Swift Pregnant?

So, here is what some of the lyrics meant as the world anticipated.

“Peace,” Swift sings: “And it’s just around the corner, darlin’/ ‘Cause it lives in me,” which has led them to believe she’s talking about a baby — and in the same song, she has lyrics like, “give you a child” and “you paint dreamscapes on the wall,” which they believe could be talking about painting the walls of a nursery.”

On the other hand, some fans pointed out that Swift had given pregnancy clues in the now-hit music video, “Cardigan”.

One of the dedicated Swifties pointed out that in the “Cardigan” music video, a clock set at 1.15 is very prominent. After dissecting that some Swifties determined that maybe, Taylor’s due date is on 15th January. Rumors also claimed about Taylor hiding her baby bump in the music video.

An excited fan tweeted after spotting a baby bump to say, “Taylor Swift might be pregnant? In all of her recent photos and even in her music video she won’t show her belly and is wearing huge loose clothing. Not only that but I swear I can see a small baby bump in her music video for ‘Cardigan,'” “Baby bumps are distinguishable from bloating or fat (as a mum I know this!) I saw her in the music video and there was just something that screamed ‘pregnant’ to me,” I’m probably very wrong about this theory but I wanted to put it out there just in case.”

Even her Instagram posts suggested to fans that maybe she will be secretly tying the knot after being pregnant.

But we are sad to announce that Taylor Swift is not pregnant. These were just fan speculations and there is no truth to these guesses.

Taylor Slammed A Magazine To Indicate About She Was Pregnant

News about Taylor being pregnant was all over the news. Taylor remained silent for the entire time and neither confirmed nor denied the news. As you know, anything that is on the internet never dies, and to make posts go viral, news outlets choose clickbait titles to attract audiences to read the news. In a similar way, OK! Magazine, a UK news source shared news about how Taylor Swift helped one of her fan couples to announce the happy news about pregnancy. However, the outlet used a headline that was clickbaity and suggested that the singer announced her own pregnancy. 

This didn’t sit right with the pop icon and she tweeted to directly call out the magazine. In the tweet, she attached the picture of a huge dolphin trying to escape a water body and added a quote, “I came out of the ocean because you need to stop”.

It was undoubtedly hilarious and Taylor also added a note stating, “@OK_Magazine this misleading headline and your choice of words in labeling me are why we need feminism in 2015.”

Thus, Taylor eradicated any doubts about pregnancy and stated clearly that she is expecting a child. 

So, the rumors have faded away and we hope that Taylor does surprise the fans with such huge news in the upcoming future.

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