Is Sam From The Circle Season 5 on Instagram or Tiktok?

As The Circle season 5 gets closer to its last episode, fans have grown attached to characters like Raven, Jennifer, and Sam. Let’s learn more about Sam from season 5 of The Circle, such as her Instagram handle and birthday.

In 2022, the first “single” edition of the Netflix show will be shown. Bruno, the catfish, is one of the people who like Sam because of the show.

She is one of the people who will be in the final episode 13 of The Circle. In episode 10, Sam and Raven worked together to decide what would happen to one of the show’s characters. Swipe up for more information…..

Who Is Samantha Carmona?

Sam is a makeup artist who works on her own. She is from Brooklyn, New York. She is 35 years old and says she is “the hottest thing ever.”

Sam From The Circle Season 5
Sam From The Circle Season 5

Sam grew up in Bed-Stuy, which is why she says she has a “rough exterior” but is “soft as jelly” on the inside.

The Circle player said she was often teased as a child, but she is going into The Circle to “represent the natural women out there.”

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When Is Sam’s Birthday?

Sam said she was 34 years old when she joined the fifth season of The Circle. She wrote, though, that she would be 35 in 2022.

Her Instagram page says that she has a birthday on April 3. In the photo caption, she wrote, “35 and glad to be alive.” Sam is an Aries according to the zodiac.

Sam From The Circle Season 5  Is on Instagram

On the Netflix show The Circle, Sam has no trouble making friends, and it looks like she’s just as popular on Instagram. Sam’s Instagram handle is @bkshedevil, and he has more than 71k followers.

She shows her Puerto Rican roots by writing “Brookyn Rican” in her Instagram bio.

Sam posts links to her Amazon Wish List, her TikTok page, a shop where she sells clothes, and her YouTube channel on her Instagram page.

The Circle actress shows off her sneaker collection on social media, and judging by her TikTok page, she seems to get along well with her mom.

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