Is Kenny Omega Gay? Truth About His S*xual Desire!

Is Kenny Omega Gay?Kenny Omega is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and one of the best in the world.

Every time he steps into the ring, whether to fight Kazuchika Okada, Bryan Danielson, or Alan Angels, he gives 110% and never lets himself put on a bad show.

Even though he was hurt, he had his best matches. Now that he lost the AEW Championship to Adam Page, he is taking a well-deserved break for a few months.

This article will answer the question, “Is Kenny Omega gay?” and “Does Kenny Omega have a wife?” When you’re done reading this article, tell us what you think in the comments.

Is Kenny Omega gay?

Many people think Kenny Omega might be gay, but he has never told wrestling fans for sure.

In recent years, his relationship with Kota Ibushi, a man, has made people wonder if he is gay. The two were known as the “Golden Lovers,” and in DDT, they played up some parts of their “relationship” to make it seem like they were together.

Is Kenny Omega Gay
Is Kenny Omega Gay

But Kenny Omega is not gay, despite rumors that he is dating another AEW star. There were rumours that he was dating former AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida. However, reports say that they are no longer together, if they were together at all.

Some fans thought Kenny Omega was with Riho because they were friends at the start of AEW and worked together on AEW Dynamite. However, it looks like the rumors aren’t true.

Kenny Omega is known for not discussing his sexuality or the people he dates. Some people have thought that Being the Elite gives hints about his sexuality, but as has been said, none of these have been proven to be on purpose.

Kenny Omega doesn’t seem to want to talk about whether he’s gay, bisexual, or straight, but that’s his choice. His sexuality has nothing to do with how well he does in the ring or how well he can do his job backstage as an EVP for AEW.

He is one of the best people to ever wrestle. If he came out as gay, it would be a big deal in the gay community, but it wouldn’t change anything about his legacy in wrestling. Kenny Omega is one of the best people ever, and whether or not he is gay has nothing to do with that.

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Does Kenny Omega have a wife?

Kenny Omega is not married, as far as we know. The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion and AEW Champion has never been married and never will be.

Kenny Omega is very private about his life outside of wrestling. No one but his closest friends knows about his personal life.


People often say bad things about famous people. Kenny Omega was criticised after he and Kota Ibushi were caught many times. They used to go to different places and have fun together.

Many of Kenny’s fans thought he was gay because of it. Now you don’t have to worry about whether or not your wrestler is gay.

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