Is Hunter Doohan Married? Fans Are Surprised About His S*xuality

Wednesday, Netflix’s newest supernatural comedy series, is about Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

In the show, Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin, a dreamy guy who has a crush on Wednesday. Hunter is a relatively new actor, but you may recognize him from shows like Your Honor on Showtime, the What-If series on Netflix, Schooled on ABC, and Westworld on HBO. He also played a role in the movies Soundwave and Where We Disappear.

Since Wednesday came out, people who just found out about the 28-year-old are sharing how much they like him. Someone on Twitter said, “I love Hunter Doohan.” “Guys, Hunter Doohan is so hot,” said someone else.

Hunter, in general, has a lot of fans. So, is he going out with anyone? Here is what we know about his love life.

Who Is Hunter Doohan Married?

Hunter Doohan is married to Fielder Jewett at the moment. According to Linkedin, Fielder is in law school now, but he used to work in the entertainment business. In June 2022, they got married.

Is Hunter Doohan Married
Is Hunter Doohan Married

Hunter wrote in an Instagram post from that month about their big day, “It’s hard to say everything about your wedding day in an Instagram caption… It was the best day of our lives, no doubt about it! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so great!”

Hunter and Fielder were engaged on Dec. 31, 2020. As you can see on Instagram, Hunter asked Fielder to marry him in their apartment. It’s not clear when they started dating, but in 2018, Hunter posted a photo of him with Fielder on his Instagram.

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Fans Are Surprised About Hunter Doohan’s Sexuality

After the first episode of Wednesday aired, many people fell in love with Tyler, the charming character played by Hunter. On the show, he plays a teenager who likes Wednesday, so some viewers thought the actor was gay, like the character.

Others seemed very happy to hear that Hunter was married to Fielder and that they were pleased. One Twitter user wrote, “The fact that Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler on the Netflix show Wednesday, is gay and married makes me very happy.”

Hunter has won over the hearts of Wednesday fans everywhere, who can’t wait to follow his career and see how cute he is with his girlfriend.

You can now watch Wednesday on Netflix.

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