Is Da Brat Pregnant? Da Brat Reveals Her Chances of Having Kids on ‘Brat Loves Judy’

Shawntae Harris aka Da Brat is totally having the best time of her life. Married to Jessica Dupart, her wife has been the best gift of her life. “Brat Loves Judy” has been a show that serves your guilty pleasure but the news of the couple expecting a child together for the very first time was truly a piece of good news for the fans.  The show kept unveiling all the secrets of their life and when they officially announced, the couple didn’t provide any hit about the fact of who will be carrying their child. So, who will be the partner going through the entire pregnancy process in their companionship? Is Da Brat pregnant? Or will it be Jessica? Here is everything we know about Da Brat’s pregnancy and the entire news.

Is Da Brat pregnant?

The couple has been always open about their lifestyle. From their dating life to marriage, everything is known to the audience. There was a time when we saw Da Brat exploring the idea of getting pregnant and considering it once. She was seen discussing with her partner when the trailer for “Brat Loves Judy” second season was dropped. Brat did initiate a conversation about starting a family of their own with her wife.

As a matter of fact, during the confessional as well, we saw Jessica admitting how it is not the perfect time to have a family since the pair is having extremely busy schedules.

But Brat on the other hand is highly interested in having a kid in her time. She is currently busy making new music and still she wants to continue with having a baby. However, the issues lie in Brat having to carry a baby since her health is not at her best.

Brat revealed that she has fibroids which can a major issue if she is planning to conceive a baby. In one of the scenes, audiences see Brat opening you about her health during FaceTime. Doctors did diagnose and found out that Brat has two fibroid tumours. It was the doctor’s recommendation that Brat drops the thought of having a baby as it could lead to health risk. Brat was seen wiping tears during her conversation.

The news was pretty heartbreaking but Da Brat’s fans were there by her side to console her.

One fan commented, “I have had fibroids and cysts my whole life and I had a very healthy nine-pound, one-ounce baby girl.”

Though it wasn’t an impossible case Da Brat didn’t take the chance and she isn’t pregnant. However, her partner, Jessica is. Her dream to be a mom is finally coming true, maybe, she isn’t pregnant but her wife Jessica fulfilled her dream.

When Is The Couple’s Baby Due?

Now that we know that Jessica is pregnant, fans are interested to find out when the baby is due. Well, that is not confirmed as of now. Jessica wasn’t showing a baby bump when it was first announced that she is pregnant. So, after doing the complicated math, we can guess that the baby is going to be due in fall 2022. The couple may have made a lot of their life public but it can be said that Jessica and Da Brat love to enjoy a private life. So far, this has been the most vulnerable for the couple.

Da Brat has been in the music industry for years but never confirmed her sexuality. In 2020, when she got into a relationship with Jessica, it was the first time that the rapper confessed her sexuality openly.

While talking to “Variety” as well, she mentioned not revealing her sexuality since she wanted to keep her life private. In fact, she was even highly nervous to disclose it to her fanbase as that might impact her career.

She said, “I mean, you saw what happened to people like Ellen [DeGeneres]: Remember when she lost her TV show, and all these horrible things were happening,”  “People were totally against it.”

So, the couple is expecting a baby and the entire community is happy for them. We hope that they have a healthy child who will shower them with all the love!

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