Is Cole Barnett Related To Matt Barnett From Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind fans are comparing season 3 star Cole Barnett to season 1 star, Matt Barnett. What do the two reality stars have in common, other than their name? Cole Barnett was one of 30 Texas singles looking for love on the third season of Love Is Blind. Viewers wondered if Cole was related to Matt “Barnett” Barnett, who was a star in the first season of Love Is Blind.

They were also interested in who Cole, a 26-year-old real estate agent, would go with. When the third season of Love Is Blind came out on October 19, he stood out right away because of his strange personality and funny jokes. Barnett, who stood out in the first season of Love Is Blind for similar reasons, got married to Amber Reed at the end of the episode. Even though Amber and Barnett have been together for almost four years, season 3 viewers are now watching Cole and Zanab Jaffrey, a flight attendant who is engaged to him.

At first, people thought that Cole and Barnett’s last names were just a coincidence, but as fans got to know Cole, they started to think that the two Love Is Blind stars were related.

People thought Cole and Barnett were from the same family because they had similar personalities and looks. This was especially true when people commented on Cole and Barnett’s uncanny resemblance on Instagram. Even though all of the Love Is Blind cast members have a lot in common, the streaming service said in a comment on the Loveisblindnetflix Instagram page that Cole and Barnett are not related.

Cole Barnett Joked That He And Matt Barnett Were Brothers

Cole has always been up for a good time, so it was only a matter of time before the Love Is Blind season 3 star who just got engaged brought up the Barnett conspiracy. Cole thought to himself in response to Netflix’s post, “Maybe I have a third brother or sister I never knew about?”

Cole also said that he was surprised to find out that Barnett was “the brother I never knew I had” in a now-deleted Instagram Story that Us Weekly shared again. By adding the shrug emoji and Netflix’s “no relation,” however, Cole subtly confirmed that the only thing he and Barnett have in common is that they both appeared in different seasons of Love Is Blind.

What have Matt Barnett And Other Love Is Blind Stars Said?

Like Cole, Barnett and his former co-stars on Love Are Blind gave their thoughts on the funny similarity. Barnett joked on Netflix‘s post, “I did live right outside of Dallas for a few years when I was in my early 20s… just saying.” This was meant to throw off Love Is Blind fans. Kelly Chase responded with a simple laugh emoji and Cameron Hamilton, who married Lauren Speed at the end of the first season of Love Is Blind, called Cole “a very different Barnett.”

Cole and Barnett look like they could be brothers, cousins, or distant relatives, but they aren’t the only Love Is Blind stars that fans have compared since season 3 came out. Cole has also reminded people of Shayne Jansen, who was engaged to Natalie Lee in the second season of Love Is Blind. Andrew Liu, who didn’t make it to the next round, reminded viewers of Deepti Vempati’s ex-fiance, Shake Chatterjee. Cole’s co-star Colleen Reed has already been compared to Giannina Gibelli and Jessica Batten, who both starred in the first season of “Love Is Blind” and just got married to Benjamin McGrath. People may be surprised by how much Cole and Barnett are alike, but Love Is Blind season 3 has already shown that there are a lot more shocking things to come.

Final Lines

Cole Barnett from love is blind season 3 is not related to matt Barnett from season 1. We hope you have enjoyed the above mention information. If so, drop a comment below. Also, share it with your friends. Stay connected to our website for more updates,