Intel Arc A770 GPU Leak Could Worry Some Gamers

Intel Arc A770 GPU Leak Could Worry Some Gamers, The A7 series of Intel‘s top-of-the-line Arc graphics cards have been seen in some leaked benchmarks with interesting results, though we need to add the usual caveats.

So, take this as the rumor that it is, but VideoCardz says that Geekbench scores for the Intel Arc A770 and A750 GPUs have shown up (the Limited Edition versions, meaning the ones made by Intel itself, much like Nvidia and its Founders Edition cards).

Vulkan and OpenCL were used to test both graphics cards in a PC with an Intel Core i9-12900KS processor (the fastest Alder Lake chip). The A770 got 73,536 points on the Vulkan test, and the A750 got 66,609, which isn’t too far behind. With OpenCL, the A770 got 99,482, while the A750 got 88,828. Again, it was the same story (albeit with the lesser spec A7 graphics card being a little further behind). Check, Apple’s Shock MacBook Pro Decision

Analysis: Putting Things Into Perspective

This leak is interesting because these are the first results we’ve seen from A7 GPUs outside of what Intel has said. If you remember, Team Blue said that the Arc A770 is a competitor for Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti, and Intel’s own performance comparisons show that the A750 is meant to compete with the RTX 3060. This, as with any internal benchmarking, should be taken with a grain of salt because the best metrics are always chosen for marketing reasons.

Intel Arc A770 GPU leak
Intel Arc A770 GPU leak

Now, these benchmarks show that the A770 is about the same as the RTX 3060, but not the RTX 3060 Ti. The A750, on the other hand, is behind the RTX 3060 by about 10%.

But before we jump to the conclusion that these Intel GPUs might not be as good as the company said they would be, we should remember that this is just one benchmark and only gives us the faintest idea of how these A7 graphics cards might perform in real-world gaming (only the Vulkan score is relevant in this respect too, remember).

Of course, Geekbench scores are not the best way to judge gaming by any means, even in the world of synthetic benchmarks. The strange scores for the AMD RX 6700 XT, which is a lot faster for gaming than the RTX 3060, but not in these results, are a good example.

At any rate, there isn’t much we can learn from this, and we need to wait until the Arc A770 and A750 have been thoroughly tested and reviewed to know how they’ll really turn out. The good news is that we already know that Intel is aiming for very aggressive pricing, which is something we’ve been hoping for since the beginning with Arc GPUs. This should shake up the market for cheaper graphics cards.

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 won’t be out for a while, so Team Green is going to leave buyers with the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti for now. Hopefully, when Intel joins the market, these cards will have to be priced more competitively.

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