In Hungary, Bolsonaro complains about “misinformation” about the Amazon and defends his family

bolsonaro orbán
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (D) and President Jair Bolsonaro, during the Brazilian President’s visit to Hungary| Photo: Publicity/Government of Hungary/EFE

President Jair Bolsonaro defended Brazil’s environmental policies in relation to the Amazon, spoke about tensions between Russia and Ukraine and highlighted the conservative values ​​he has in common with the government of Hungary during his meeting with the country’s leaders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President János Áder, this Thursday (16), in Budapest.

Bolsonaro has a strong connection with Orbán, whom he considers a “brother”, due to the conservative agenda that share: defense of the family, life, religious freedom and against gender ideology and LGBT causes. Alongside the Hungarian prime minister for a statement to the press, the Brazilian president said that both share “in the defense of the family with great emphasis”. “A well-structured family makes its society healthy and we should not lose this focus”, said Bolsonaro.

The visit to Budapest is being considered by Brazilian analysts as a nod from President Bolsonaro to the more conservative electorate and a way of showing that he is not isolated on the international scene. Even the visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen in this context. On Wednesday (16), in a press conference with the Russian host, Bolsonaro said that both have values ​​in common: “the belief in God and the defense of the family”.

“War does not interest anyone”, says the president

In addition to the conservative agenda, Bolsonaro and Orbán talked about the security crisis between Russia and Ukraine, a concern of Hungary due to its location in Eastern Europe – the country borders Ukraine and is interested in increasing Russian gas imports in order to avoid rising energy costs. “We exchanged information about the possibility or not of a war between Russia and Ukraine and I passed it on to him. the feeling I had from that trip [a Moscou]”, said the Brazilian president.

Bolsonaro reiterated that part of the Russian troops on the border with Ukraine were demobilized when the Brazilian delegation was traveling to the Russian capital on Tuesday. “I understand, whether it is a coincidence or not, as a gesture that the war is in nobody’s interest and it is not in the world’s interest that two countries go to war because everyone loses.”

Bolsonaro talks about “disinformation” about the Amazon

The conversation with the Hungarian president, however, went the other way. Bolsonaro was questioned by János Áder about Brazil’s environmental policies to protect the Amazon rainforest.

“Many times the information about this region arrives outside Brazil in a very distorted way, as if we were the great villains when it comes to the preservation of the forest and its destruction, something that is not exists”, complained the Brazilian head of state, stating that he had the opportunity to clarify this point with Áder. “This misinformation is an attack on our economy, which obviously comes partly from agribusiness [europeu]”, he said.

In addition to the statements, during the official visit, memoranda of understanding were signed on cooperation in the field of defense, humanitarian actions and management of water resources and water sanitation between Brazil and Hungary.

“The passage it is fast, but it leaves a great legacy for our peoples”, concludes Bolsonaro, who will meet with the president of the Hungarian National Assembly, László Köver, later this Thursday (), before returning to Brazil.

Relationships between Brazil and Hungary

Bolsonaro took advantage of the trip to Russia to make a stop in Hungary, an eastern European country led by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, considered by some analysts to be a great exp the conservative east of the old continent, but accused by his peers in the European Union of having led to a deterioration of democracy in the country.

But the common interests go beyond the customs agenda. Recently, Hungary signed a US$ contract 148 million for the purchase of two military multi-mission transport aircraft produced by Embraer, the KC-390, which must be handed over to the Hungarian Air Force in 17115225 . This Thursday’s visit sought to deepen this cooperation in defense, science and technology between the countries.

“We bought two aircraft from Embraer, freighters. And we are going to include them in our Army. And we are going to expand our Army with the help of Brazil. We are going to consider Brazil as a friendly country and as a trading partner “, said Orbán this Thursday (02).

Added to this is the fact that Hungary, like Brazil, is in favor of approving the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union – which is mainly resisted by France and Germany. Hungary also supports Brazil’s entry into the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the club of rich countries.

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