How Ukraine is training civilians in the event of war with Russia

Civis treinam para guerra iminente contra a Rússia em Kiev, capital da Ucrânia

Civilians train for imminent war against Russia in Kiev, capital of Ukraine| Photo: EFE

)8014092781001 8014092781001 Faced with the imminent invasion of Russian armies, installed for months on the country’s borders with Ukraine, Ukrainian groups are offering training to military, reservist officers and civilians who wish to prepare for war, amid escalating tensions.

8014092781001 According to a Turkish agency report, the exercise was conducted by the Ukrainian Legion, a body that provides military training to the civilian population, in conjunction with the Territorial Defense Battalion of Desnianskyi District, the Kiev Defense Headquarters and a group entitled Total Resistance.

The training is part of a campaign to the recruitment of a volunteer army and, at the beginning of this month of February, about 100 Military, civilians and reservists participated in the training held on the outskirts of Kiev.

8014092781001 Also according to the agency, if the Ukrainian army is mobilized for war, the volunteering will consist of more than 100 a thousand people , including reservists. To be integrated into the Territory Defense Forces, volunteers must undergo basic military training, medical training and first aid, in addition to a professional and psychological selection. Finally, they must sign a volunteer contract.

“Our training includes tactics (military), use of weapons, first aid, preparation of emergency bags, knife fighting, evacuation and survival, a full range of what can be useful to a person in case of war and technological invasion”, explains Andriy Rikun, an official representative of the Kiev Defense Headquarters. According to him, the training started still in 2014, with the first Russian-Ukrainian conflicts . “We don’t stop and we won’t stop. The training is only for those who want to join”, he added.

“The main objective is to train the nation to avoid panic in the event of a declaration of war, so that everyone knows what to do, where to go and how to use the weapon,” Sergiy Fomenih, a volunteer from 54 years and Army reservist.

8014092781001Meanwhile, according to the BBC, schools in Kiev are practicing escape exercises in case of bombs or air strikes. Official guides on how to prepare an “emergency bag” for evacuation circulate on social media and the population begins to trace their escape routes.

During training, beginners are given fake wooden weapons to practice basic moves. Veterans have made plans to send their families to a safe location and organize points where fighters should meet and arm themselves.