How To Use Your Phone To Find Hidden Cameras?

Have a reason to doubt a partner or an employer? Feel like you’re being watched, maybe with a hidden camera?

You could find the truth if you knew how to find hidden cameras. Some apps can help you find hidden surveillance cameras with just your phone.

Are you ready to look for those hidden cameras?

How To Use Your Phone To Find Hidden Cameras?

Most cameras use infrared (IR) light, which our eyes can’t see, to catch movement or take photos in low-light or dark rooms. But even if you can’t see the IR light that the camera gives off, the sensor in the camera on your smartphone should be able to. Some phones can only pick up IR light with the front-facing camera, but my Pixel 6 can do it with both the front- and back-facing cameras.

How To Use Your Phone To Find Hidden Cameras
How To Use Your Phone To Find Hidden Cameras

If you want to try it, you should first use a TV or other remote to see if and how your phone finds IR signals:

  • Turn on the camera on your phone and point it at the remote.
  • Turn on the remote and look for a small light that stays on or flashes. (It might look kind of purple-pink, but I’ve also heard it described as purple-blue.)
  • If you tried this with the camera on your back and didn’t see the small light, try it with the camera on your front.

Got it? Okay, now all you have to do to check for an IR camera is make the room as dark as possible (so that if there is a camera, the IR will be turned on) and then slowly scan the room with your phone. You should be able to find an active camera with IR lighting if there is one.


Look At Your Network

If you want to know if there is a live camera in your room and the IR trick doesn’t work (either because there is no camera or because the camera doesn’t have IR), you can also see what other devices are connected to the local network.

How To Use Your Phone To Find Hidden Cameras

Many apps can help you find out what devices are connected to your local network. I used one called Fing, available for Android and iOS, but many others are also useful. These apps can find all the devices on your network and list them. They can also let you confirm which devices you know, making it easier to find any that shouldn’t be there.

Of course, neither of these is a sure thing. They are just ideas for you to try. (And it’s fun to play around with your phone’s IR features.) If you’re worried, you can buy a radio frequency (RF) detector, which should pick up any signals from hidden microphones or cameras.

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