How To Unlock An Apple Device When Its Owner Dies?

Do yuo want to learn How To Unlock An Apple Device When Its Owner Dies? If you recently lost a friend or family member, you may want to get personal information from the person’s phone, computer, or tablet. It’s frustrating when you can’t access photos, passwords, or other information because you don’t know the passcode.

I’ve put together the steps you need to take to get into an Apple device after the owner has died.

This first step will only work if the device was backed up to iCloud before the owner died. Even though it’s easy to set up automatic backups, Apple users may forget and end up with photos and data that only exist on their phone, tablet, or computer.

Check to see if you have the owner’s iCloud login if you don’t know their passcode or password. The email address is used to sign in to iCloud, so try common passwords or look to see if they left a list of passwords.

If they backed up their information and you have access to their iCloud login, you may be able to access a lot of data, including photos, through Check if any of the owner’s devices automatically sign in to iCloud. If not, do the steps below.

Using To Get To Your Files

Use a different device to go to This is easier to do on a computer.

How To Unlock An Apple Device When Its Owner Dies
How To Unlock An Apple Device When Its Owner Dies
  • Use the owner’s Apple ID to sign in.
  • If you can log in, you may be able to access the user’s Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Cloud Drive, Notes, Reminders, and a few other apps if they use them.
  • Photos can be downloaded right from
  • If you don’t have the user’s Apple ID, but you do have their email, check to see if their login was automatically saved on any of their devices, like a computer or tablet.

Using An Email To Get Data on An iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Go to from a different device; a computer is best.

  • Click “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”
  • To change the password, use the user’s iCloud email address.
  • Open the user’s email account, and the email with instructions on how to reset an iCloud account should be there.
  • Once you have the new login, use it to sign in to and then follow the steps above for how to use an iCloud account to get to your data.

Must Check

Did the person who owned the device have an old contact?

Many Apple users might not know they can set up a legacy contact if they die suddenly. If the device owner did set up a legacy contact, that information should be easy to get to. You can access your old contacts if you have iOS 15.2, iPad 15.2, or macOS 12.1 or later.

How To Unlock An Apple Device When Its Owner Dies?

If someone you loved set up a legacy contact before they died, you can access it by going to Apple’s digital legacy.

If you haven’t already, Apple users set up a legacy contact.

How to ask to use a device without logging into iCloud?

If none of the above steps worked and you want Apple to give you access to the iCloud account of a loved one who has died, you may need a court order.

In the court order, you will need to include the following:

  • Name and Apple ID of the person who has died.
  • The name of the next of kin who wants to use the deceased’s account.
  • That the person who died was the one who used all accounts tied to the Apple ID.
  • That the person making the request is the legal personal representative, agent, or heir of the person who died, and their permission is “legal consent.”

Then, the court tells Apple to help the estate get access to the deceased person’s information from their accounts. The court order should be sent to the correct part of Apple.

You can also try going to an Apple Store or calling Apple Support to see what other options are available.

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