How To Apply For Zillow Rental Application?

Finding reliable tenants is a big part of being able to run a rental property well. The application and screening process is the first and most important step in finding reliable renters.

Zillow’s group housing reports show that about 87% of renters filled out at least one rental application before signing the lease.

Read the article to learn about how to apply for a rental on Zillow, including what you need to do and how.

What is a Zillow Rental Application?

A property manager or landlord uses a Zillow rental application document to find reliable people who want to rent a room, property, or unit. You now know how to use the Zillow rental application, which comes in the form of an easy-to-download PDF.

How To Apply For Zillow Rental Application
How To Apply For Zillow Rental Application

The best thing is that Zillow uses an online rental application that can be taken with you. It means that the renter only has to pay once to send their online application to as many landlords as they think will be interested in 30 days.

When your application is done, it will show up in the Zillow rental manager account application listing.

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Who Is Eligible for Zillow Rental Application?

To fill out a Zillow rental application, all people who want to rent a place must be at least 18 years old. If you want to rent your property to more than one person, you must list each person as a co-applicant on the online application form for tenants. Still, anyone over 18 must fill out their Zillow application online.

What Are The Application Requirements?

To fill out the online Zillow rental application, you should meet the requirements.

1. Personal information

The applicant must give correct information about himself or herself, such as his or her name, email address, phone number, and emergency contact information.

2. Household information

Here is the information about the property that applicants need to know. It tells them how many people can live there and who the landlord is.

3. Residential information

Applicants also have to say where they have lived in the past three years, including what they have owned, what they have rented, and how they have lived.

4. Income and employment

As a landlord, it’s important to check the information about the renter whose application you’re looking at on Zillow. In this section, you need to know the applicant’s income, name, address, length of employment, another source of income, and information about their supervisor.

5. Background information

This section is based on the yes/no questions about the applicant’s background. Based on the answers to these questions, you decide whether or not to accept the rental application.

6. Disclosure

On your Zillow rental applications, you’ll also need to know how much the application fee is, how much the applicant put down as a deposit, and how much they currently have in their account.

How To Apply For Zillow Rental Application?

To use the Zillow rental application to find good renters, you must first go to the website at

  • If you let renters use the Zillow rental application on the official website, they will see the Apply Now button on your properties.
  • They can just tap the “Apply Now” button and fill out an application right from your listing property.
  • If you haven’t turned on your application on the official website but still want to invite renters to fill out a Zillow rental application, move on to the next step.
  • Go to the application tab in Zillow rental manager, tap on send an invite, and type in the email address of the interesting rental.

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How Does Zillow Rental Application Work?

Once tenants fill out the Zillow rental application form, they go through the tenant screening process as follows as

How To Apply For Zillow Rental Application

1. Run the tenant background check

As the landlord, you should know if your tenants are doing anything illegal, making a lot of noise, or breaking the rules. Zillow used to look at the applications and get back the results in a few minutes.

2. Run the credit report

Make sure the person who wants to rent your property has a good income. The applicant’s credit score will show whether or not they can pay the rent on time.

3. Verify income and employment

At this point in the Zillow application process, you should call the applicant’s employer to make sure that their income matches the amount they put on their rental application.

4. Call the landlords to verify the rental history.

You should also ask the current landlord or tenant if the person applying has paid their rent on time. It’s a good way to find a reliable renter and check the rental history.

5. Create the rental lease agreement

It will spell out the rules, requirements, or terms of the rental. Zillow sends the rental agreement along with a summary of the amount due at the time of signing if needed.


The Zillow rental application helps landlords find tenants who will be good to them. Tenant screening tools and the online Zillow rental application, which include things like credit checks and background checks done by a third party, are the best ways to find good tenants for your property. Stay tuned for more updates on


Are Zillow rental applications safe?

Yes, Zillow rental applications are safe. With the rental manager tool, landlords can get free Zillow rental applications. So, it’s easy to check out your renters and fill out the online rental spot.

Does Zillow charge for rental applications?

Yes, Zillow does charge a one-time fee of $29 for rental applications. This fee covers services like credit checks and background checks. These fees are used for more than one rental in the past 30 days.

How much does a Zillow rental application cost?

Zillow group housing reports say that renters have to pay $50 to fill out a Zillow rental application. If you use the rental manager tools on Zillow, the applicant only needs to pay $29 to use the tool for 30 days.

Does Zillow refund the application fee?

If a tenant doesn’t meet your rental requirements, you don’t have to take their application fee. State and local laws say that Zillow has to give all application fees back to tenants who aren’t chosen during the application process.