How To Apply For TN Promise Application?

Tennessee Promise gives high school graduates in Tennessee a great chance to join the community or a technical college without having to pay tuition fees. Tennessee Promise is a mentoring program and a scholarship program at the same time.

It will give students the last dollar scholarship, which means that it will pay for the fees and tuition that other Tennessee programs, like the HOPE scholarship, don’t cover. Students can use this scholarship easily at any of the 24 colleges and 13 community colleges of applied technology in Tennessee.

Tennessee’s Promise is mostly about getting rid of the cost. This program is like individual guidance because each student gets a mentor to help them get into college.

If you also want to apply for TN Promise, you should read the section of this article that talks about who is eligible, what they need, and how to apply.

Who qualifies for the TN Promise?

The TN Promise program is open to all high school seniors in Tennessee who graduate from a qualifying high school or finish their home school program.

How To Apply For TN Promise Application
How To Apply For TN Promise Application

Students can easily apply in the early fall of their senior year, start working with a mentor and join an important meeting in Tennessee by January. No matter how rich or poor a student is, they can take part in a Tennessee Promise program.

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What are the Application Requirements?

Students should meet the following requirements to get the TN Promise.

  • Prepare for and meet all the requirements for a Tennessee Promise partner organization.
  • Apply for senior year and turn in your TN Promise application by the deadline.
  • Join the important college orientation and team meeting
  • Students can start at their college or university in the summer or spring after they graduate from high school. In this case,
  • students have to pay fees and tuition until the fall. Students who are interested should keep at least 12 hours every semester.
  • Students should go to college or university for a certain number of semesters in a row.
  • Anyone who wants to get federal student aid (FAFSA) must fill out a free application by February 1 every year, starting in high school and continuing through college.
  • Keep making good progress in school.
  • Most colleges require students to keep a 2.0 GPA each semester.
  • Do at least eight hours of service to the community each term.


How to Apply for TN Promise Application?

Visit the official website to apply for TN Promise. Here are the simple steps you should take to fill out an application for a TN Promise.

1. To apply for the TN Promise, you should first have the following information.

First and last name exactly as they appear on your social security card

Social security number

Date of birth

Email address

2. Go to the official website and click “Apply Now” at the top of the page.

3. If this is your first time using the TSAC system, you should click the “Register” button.

4. If you are a new user, click “Create a Login.”

5. Fill out the TSA Promise application form, check the box to say you agree with all of the terms and conditions, and tap the “Create my account” button. Here, you should write down the username and password you used to make an account on the official website.

Now, you need to log in to your profile by entering the site’s username and password.

7. Tap “Continue” to confirm the personal picture you chose.

8. The list of scholarships will then appear on your screen. To get to your application, you have to tap on the TN Promise scholarship program.

9. Fill out the details on your application

Make sure to check the red error messages.

Use an active email address so that TN Promise can send you reminders and deadlines.

10. When you’re done filling out your TN Promise application, tap the “Continue” button and a confirmation will show up. You should print out the confirmation email so you can keep track of it.

11. Now, if you want to check the status of your application, go to the home page of your account and click on “view summary.”

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How To Check The Application Status?

After filling out the TN Promise application form online, it’s easy to find out where your application is in the process. You have to ask TSAC for help and change the information in your profile.

To apply for the TN Promise, you must go through all the steps of the application process. If you have any trouble filling out your TN Promise application, call 1-800-342-1663, which is the number for the TSAC helpline.


Residents of Tennessee who meet the requirements and are eligible for the TN Promise scholarship can apply for it. Students can take advantage of the benefits of the TN Promise for up to 5 semesters or until they get an associate degree, whichever comes first.

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Do you have to apply for a TN Promise every year?

Additional requirements consist of eight hours of community service per term and maintaining a 2.0 GPA at a specific university or college where you enrolled. Students wishing to enroll in TN Promise scholarships should submit their existing FAFSA or renew their FAFSA yearly to qualify for this scholarship program.

Is it too late to apply for the TN Promise?

You also have to do eight hours of community service per term and keep a 2.0 GPA at the university or college you’re attending. Students who want to get TN Promise scholarships should send in their FAFSA or renew it every year.

Is TN Promise income based?

No, the TN Promise scholarship has nothing to do with your GPA or income. The only thing you have to do to get TN Promised is finished high school in Tennessee and live here for at least a year.

Does TN Promise cover books & Online Classes?

TN Promise is known as the last-dollar scholarship. It means that it will pay for the required fees and tuition. But don’t forget that the TN Promise scholarship doesn’t pay for books or other costs.