How To Apply For Pre-TSA Application?

Pre-TSA  (sometimes written as TSA PreCheck) lets you skip the security lines at airports, and Global Entry lets you skip the immigration line when you come to the U.S. Applying for them isn’t too hard, but there are a few important details you need to get right.

What Is Pre-TSA?

What is Pre-TSA, first of all? By pre-screening applicants, Pre-TSA lets low-risk travelers skip the lines and go quickly through airport security by giving them their own lane.

How to Apply for Pre-TSA Application
How to Apply for Pre-TSA Application

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Step 1: Am I eligible?

To get Pre-TSA, you have to be a “low-risk traveler.” This means you have to be a U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident. It also means that some crimes can’t be on your criminal record. Visit the TSA website to learn more about crimes that don’t count toward eligibility. If you also want to apply for Global Entry (see below), you can skip down to that section. If you join Global Entry, you get a free TSA PreCheck membership as well.

Warning: Make sure you only apply for TSA PreCheck through the Department of Homeland Security at The Better Business Bureau has put out a warning about third-party websites that look like the DHS site and say they can help travelers with the process, but actually, just take their application fee and personal information.

Step 2: Visit the Pre-TSA Application Center

After figuring out if you are eligible, you can go to an application center. On the TSA website, you can find a center near you. You can make an appointment online, call 855/347-8371, or just walk in. At your registration appointment, you’ll give your name, date of birth, and address, as well as your fingerprints and a valid form of ID. You can also sign up online before going to the application center to save some time. The TSA charges a nonrefundable fee of $78 to process your application for the first time. (The fee to renew your membership is $70 if you do it online, and $78 if you do it in person, which happens less often.)

How to Apply for Pre-TSA Application

Step 3: Congratulations! Pre-TSA has accepted your application. Now what?

If your PreCheck application is accepted, you will find out in a few weeks. You can check the progress of your application online while you wait. If it has, you will get a “Known Traveler Number.” This number is good for five years.

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Step 4: Use Pre-TSA to book a flight.

Now that you have your Known Traveler Number, you need to book your flight. Make sure when you book your flight that it is with an airline that accepts PreCheck. Call the airline’s reservation center to book your flight, or enter your Known Traveler Number in the space provided when booking online. This is usually on a separate page for passenger information. Make sure the name on your plane ticket matches the name on your Known Traveler Number so there is no confusion at the airport.

After you link your Known Traveler Number to your flight, your boarding pass will say “Pre-TSA ” to make sure that your security check will be quick and easy.

Final Words

The U.S. government started the TSA PreCheck program in December 2013 as part of the Trusted Traveler program. Transportation Security Administration, which lets some frequent flyer program members, Now you can Apply for Pre-TSA application Easily. Hope this information is useful for you. If so, drop your feedback below and keep your eyes on our homepage we will keep updating it.