How Old Is Nezuko In Season 2: Complete Information And Storyline!

In Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister, Nezuko Kamado, is the main character. After Muzan’s torture turned her into a monster, she killed everyone in her family except for Tanjiro (who wasn’t around at the time).

Since she’s a demon, everyone loves her since she’s so kind and unique. Her survival depends on her not eating the flesh of living animals. She rejuvenates herself by taking a nap. Her age has long been a topic of debate among the show’s audience members. What is Nezuko’s actual age?

What Age Is Nezuko In Season 2?

When the story started, Nezuko and Tanjiro were just 12 and 13 years old. Tanjiro endeavored to find a cure as soon as he discovered that she was a demon, even if it meant joining the Demon Slayers.

A two-year sabbatical from training allowed Nezuko to recharge her batteries. When the series starts, she should be 12 years old since demons don’t get old.

When Nezuko became a demon, her life was permanently altered. Fashionistas are going crazy over stiletto nails. Her hair had previously been black, but below her waist, it had taken on a brilliant orange hue.

While it was an important event, Nezuko’s normal pink kimono and dark brown hair were still her go-to looks. She seems to have veins on her face and forehead as it changes into a vampire.

However, Nezuko hasn’t lost any of her kind nature despite her transformations. When she’d lost touch with her humanity, she was still nice.

While taking care of her children and husband, Sakonji Urokodaki inspired her to continue helping others.

In addition, she is able to sense fundamental emotions like joy and sorrow. Despite the fact that she is a demon, she is more composed than most of her fellow demons.

How Old Is Nezuko In Season 2

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 Both Zenitsu And Nezuko Are Working Together

At the conclusion of the series, Zenitsu’s hard work was rewarded. A marriageable lineage existed in the ancestors of Nezuko and Zenit. It seems that identical twins born to the couple look similar.

For those hoping for Nezuko and Zenitsu’s romance to materialize, there is more than enough proof in the pudding.

It’s worth noting that Nezuko didn’t take to Zenitsu right away. Although she hates him, he is called “strange dandelion.” It didn’t stop Zenitsu from continuing to offer her love and care in spite of what was going on around her.

Throughout Zenitsu’s tales, she would scratch or shift her container, indicating that she was deeply engrossed in them. According to some, this might be the start of a long and happy relationship. After Nezuko’s transformation back into a human, their bond was proven to be more than just a friendship.

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It brought back memories of when Zenitsu had presented her flowers as a demon. After the show finished, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke continued to live together. During this time, they may have grown closer and perhaps formed affections for one another.

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