How Old Is Hisoka Morow? Here’s Everything We Know!

Hisoka Morow, a former Phantom Troupe member #4, was the group’s third-strongest fighter and a former member of the Phantom Troupe. In order to enable them to grow stronger and have a better chance against him, he spares the lives of two promising young men named Gon and Killua. In the Hunter Exam and Heavens Arena storylines, he first appeared as an adversary, and then as a supporting character in the Yorknew City and Greed Island stories, respectively. In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, he emerges as a supplementary adversary to the incumbent chairman.

How Old Is Hisoka Morow?

Hisoka Morow’s age is estimated to be approximately 28 years. Hisoka emanates the aura of a magician or a clown, which is rather endearing. The guy stands at six feet tall and has a fair complexion and a powerful frame. In the course of the storey, he is seen wearing a variety of suit insignia on his front and rear torsos, and his outfit is always changing. When he initially debuted in the 2011 anime, he had a star-shaped face paint applied to his right cheek and a teardrop-shaped face paint applied to his left cheek, respectively. Throughout the story arc, Hisoka’s left middle finger is adorned with the Greed Island Ring.

During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election plot, Hisoka is seen wearing a stunning set of heart-shaped earrings. Hisoka’s nails are long and pointed for whatever reason, giving the appearance that he has claws on his hands and implying that he is a villainous figure in disguise.

He initially appears in the anime series, Hisoka, in 1999, and he had blue hair at the time. After the program was reworked to match the manga, a bright red or nearly brilliant pink tint was used in its stead to represent the manga. In 2011, an anime version of the character Hisoka appeared on the screen with red hair and beautiful amber eyes. During the manga’s Yorknew City tale, Hisoka dyes his hair a faint green hue to distinguish himself from the other characters. The complexity of his mentality are shown by his quick changes in appearance.

Hisoka Morow


Hisoka Morow Background

Hisoka isn’t interested in sharing his origins since he thinks it dull. Hisoka, in reality, joined the Phantom Troupe as a fake member after defeating the previous #4 and roughly two years before the events in Yorknew City.

He “introduced” Kastro to Nen while at the Heaven’s Arena, noticing his potential at the same time. His next destination was the 286th Hunter Exam where he murdered 20 other applicants. He was refused as his initial attempt resulted in the death of an examiner.

Hisoka Morow Personality

Hisoka is shown as a selfish, self-serving figure who would go to any length to benefit himself and his family directly. Despite his evident sadomasochistic inclinations, this man’s unquenchable drive for confrontation, as well as his love of causing great pain when he does it, only serve to worsen them. Hisoka sets the main characters in vulnerable situations in order to bring out the best in them, making it simpler for him to take their life at the conclusion of the film (and thus increase the pleasure of killing them later).

His enthusiasm for meeting people is the same whether he meets new individuals who he feels are excellent fighters or who he believes have the potential to be strong fighters in the future because he enjoys meeting new people. He finds it exciting to have a near-death experience with a seasoned Nen practitioner. Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons why he goes out of his way to get new toys. In the event that they are broken, he loses interest in them, or he kills them so that he may go out and get fresh prey.

A violent psychopath in his own right, Hisoka is characterised by his dishonesty and egotistical nature. However, it has been reported that despite his admiration for Gon, he would not hesitate to murder anybody who does not live up to his high standards. In the present or in the future, he would rather think about what may be interesting to him in the future or in the present than on what has occurred in his history. On the other hand, Hisoka’s character is depraved, yet he is not an unbridled murderer.” In spite of his willingness to murder everyone who gets in his way or seems to be “worthy,” he only kills those who are in his opinion deserving of death. For better or worse, his personality is more amoral than it is malicious.

However, if he determines that it would be “fun” or that it will make the protagonists stronger, he will provide his support. A large part of his objective is to have a good time, which may or may not include murdering people. He has a nasty habit of failing to show up for appointments with Spider. There is no way of knowing what type of fraud this person is. He’s well-known for his ability to frighten and humiliate his victims, as well as for his cruel pranks on them. He takes joy in seeing their strained feelings as a consequence of his entering their minds and making them feel uncomfortable with his presence. In spite of his unpredictable actions, it is hard to foresee what he will do next.

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