How Do You Get FuboTV For free?

Netflix and other streaming applications are excellent, but most of these services don’t give you access to live TV channels; instead, you must use one of the top TV streaming services. One of them, particularly if you enjoy sports, is FuboTV.

However, it is also one of the most expensive choices. The good news is that most streaming services, including FuboTV, give new users who want to sign up for free trials and other promotions. Continue reading if you want to cut the cord and are seeking a live TV streaming package.

We have all the information you require about the current FuboTV free trial and other potential money-saving strategies. Before paying any money, you can, at the very least, try out the service.

Is There A Free FuboTV Trial?

New customers can join up for a seven-day free trial of FuboTV. However, when you set up your account, you must input your payment card details. Therefore, you must cancel your subscription before the seven-day trial period expires if you don’t want to be charged.

How Do You Get FuboTV For free?
How Do You Get FuboTV For free?

In comparison to other streaming services (like the Hulu free trial, which is 30 days), seven days is a short amount of time, so you may want to sign up for your FuboTV free trial during a week when you’ll have enough free time to give it a complete tryout. In this manner, you can make the most of your trial period to decide whether it is worthwhile to pay the fee to maintain your subscription.

Can You Get FuboTV For Free?

There is no way to get FuboTV for free from Fubo itself, just like there is no free trial for Disney Plus. However, independent merchants and service providers provide free subscriptions or even prolonged trials for TV streaming services (such as cellular network providers or ISPs).

For instance, Best Buy is pairing select smart TVs with a 30-day free trial of FuboTV. If the seven-day test isn’t long enough, this offer is another option to give FuboTV a more extended try if you’re in the market for a new set. There isn’t currently another way to obtain FuboTV for free, either.

As an alternative, you might think about some other providers now offering free trials, such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Showtime or even Sling TV. They certainly aren’t the same as FuboTV, but they still have a ton of content to watch, especially if you add it to an existing subscription!

Are There Any FuboTV Deals?

There aren’t any standout FuboTV promotions available right now. There are now three primary FuboTV packages you may choose from: the average $70/month FuboTV Pro plan, the $80/month Elite tier and the $100/month Ultimate goal.

 There are now three primary FuboTV packages you may choose from: the regular $70/month FuboTV Pro plan, the $80/month Elite tier and the $100/month Ultimate goal. The Pro package gives you the essential FuboTV experience, although that’s still a lot. It includes more than 130 channels.

While the Ultimate tier has more than 230 channels, including Showtime, the Elite plan includes 4K streaming and more than 190 channels. Compared to most of the competition, these three packages offer 1,000 hours of DVR storage and up to 10 simultaneous streaming devices.

A FuboTV Latino package is available, costing just $33 per month. Moreover, there are 250 hours of DVR storage and more than 45 Spanish-language channels. Your broadcasting area will determine the precise number of channels available to you.

Also, remember that a regional sports fee might increase your plan. The cost of your FuboTV subscription is the same whether you pay monthly or quarterly because there is no reduction available for the latter choice.

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