House of The Dragon: Why Doesn’t Prince Aegon Targaryan Want To Be King?

 Why Doesn’t Prince Aegon Targaryan Want To Be King? Spoilers for episode 9 of House of the Dragon are coming. Everyone in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones shares the same trait as the Disney character Simba—they all long to be king. Almost everyone, I suppose.

The fantasy series’ penultimate episode revealed that Prince Aegon Targaryen is not interested in becoming king. Before his coronation, he is actually literally carried back to the Red Keep by his brother and the Kingsguard. Even on the day he was crowned, he complained to his mother about his duties for the entirety of the morning.

What’s wrong with Viserys’ firstborn kid is quite startling considering that most Game of Thrones characters often spends their entire lives preparing to plan their seat on the Iron Throne.

Why Doesn’t Prince Aegon Targaryan Want To Be King?

Aegon claims to Aemond earlier in the episode that he does not want to be king because he dislikes “responsibility.” He isn’t lying. The young prince is shown in the television series to prefer drink, ladies, and vice to statecraft, which upsets his younger brother, who is much more interested in reigning.

Why Doesn’t Prince Aegon Targaryan Want To Be King
Why Doesn’t Prince Aegon Targaryan Want To Be King

However, Aegon’s dislike of responsibility extends beyond just wanting to have fun. He confesses that Viserys never trained him for this since, in Aegon’s words, his father didn’t like him as he was on the route to his coronation. Even his mother’s affection for him is uncertain, Aegon acknowledges.

The prince believes he is simply unfit to be king as a result of his low self-esteem and hedonistic lifestyle. But as the show came to a close, we watched Aegon change his mind about being king and become enamored with the cheering mobs.

Sadly, Aegon’s conviction that being king is not his destiny is accurate. Because he preferred Rhaenyra to hold the Iron Throne, Viserys never prepared his son for the throne. Aegon is untrained in politics and has no knowledge of the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy. Aegon II will be remembered as one of Westeros’s most despised kings as a result of all of this.

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