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Horace Grant Net Worth 2022: Biography, Career, Income, And More!

Mr. Horace Junior Grant Sr. entered this world on July 4, 1965, in Augusta, Georgia. Horace grew up alongside his twin brother Harvey, and the entire family eventually became very sporty. Harvey spent 11 years as a professional basketball player in the NBA, spending time with the likes of the Washington Wizards, Portland Trail Blazers, and Philadelphia 76ers. Horace had three nephews that went on to play in the NBA. Both Horace and Harvey spent their formative years in Mitchell, Georgia, before moving on to complete their secondary education in Sparta.

What is Horace Grant’s Net Worth?

Horace Grant’s Net worth is $35 million. Grant is perhaps most recognized for his time as a player in the NBA, rather than his current role as a special advisor to the president and COO of the Chicago Bulls. After graduating from Clemson University, Horace played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won four NBA titles.

He’s a former player for the Orlando Magic and the Seattle Supersonics. His playing career began in 1987, and he retired in 2004. Grant was a power forward who was honored with All-Star recognition in 1994 and four selections to the NBA’s All-Defensive Second Team. He is Harvey Grant’s identical twin.

Horace Grant Early Life

Grant went on to play basketball at Clemson University after high school and had a significant impact for the Clemson Tigers. He had never been done before, yet he led the ACC in points, boards, and 3-pointers. By 1987, not only had he won the ACC Player of the Year Award, but he also guided the Tigers to the NCAA Tournament. In addition, he was named to the ACC’s first team. When Grant won the award, it marked a first for Clemson.

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Horace Grant Career

After getting picked by the Chicago Bulls in 1987, Grant’s professional basketball career got underway. Together with Scottie Pippen, Horace helped establish a potent offense by 1988, and he eventually earned a starting spot. Together with Pippen and Jordan, he formed a formidable offensive triumvirate, and Horace made significant defensive contributions as well. Grant and the Bulls went on to win three straight NBA titles from 1991 to 1993.

Since he was myopic, he was notorious for donning a pair of goggles whenever he suited up for games at this time. Grant’s vision was corrected by LASIK surgery, but he kept wearing his protective eyewear so that he could be a role model for kids who are blind. After Jordan’s final season with the Bulls in 1992–1993, one of the team’s most vital players was Horace. He made his lone appearance in the NBA All-Star Game that year (1994).

His subsequent move back to the Orlando Magic was also a mistake. In 2002, he was released from the team after coach Don Rivers said the power forward was a distraction. Rivers even called him a “cancer.” Grant retired after this incident, however, he returned to the Lakers for a short time in the 2003–2004 season.

Horace grant

Salary and Career Earnings

Horace made a total of $68 million in pay over his working life. In 1996 and 1998, he made $14.8 and $14.3 million in base salary, respectively, marking his highest-paid seasons. In current values, that’s around $23 million every season.

The Jordan Rules

Sam Smith’s contentious book “The Jordan Rules” has been met with much criticism, and it is commonly believed that Grant contributed much of the book’s source material. The harsh portrayal of Michael Jordan in the book has caused a lot of controversies. Additionally, it describes an incident in which Jordan punched a teammate and provides insight into the rivalries that existed among the Chicago Bulls players. Players on the Chicago Bulls team mostly wrote off the book as fictitious.

Real Estate

Horace Grant’s former residence reportedly went on the market in 2016 with an asking price of $11.9 million. The Winter Park district of Orlando is where this comfortable home may be found. Some of these features are a bar, seven bedrooms, a waterfall, and a pool. The home was the priciest one available in Central Florida at the time it went up for sale. In 1995, Grant paid only $1.3 million for the bare ground on which the house would be built.

After finishing construction in 2000, Horace sold the house only four years later. He was able to sell it for $5 million, giving him a seven-figure profit on the venture. The new owner made additional enhancements to the property, including the addition of a ballroom and a kitchen large enough to host 200 people. In its current form, it occupies a space measuring 17,649 square feet.

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