Handbag Raincoat Shark Tank Update, Net Worth (What Happened After Shark Tank)?

We’re going to talk about the handbag raincoat, which is the invention that made it possible for ladies to venture out into the rain with their purses without having to worry about destroying their beloved luxury items: the raincoat for a handbag.

Morgan and Arley Sarner, the creators of the Handbag Raincoat, were looking for a solution to make women look nice even when they were trekking through the rain when they came up with the concept. What will keep your Prada purse or your Coach tote dry when you have umbrellas protecting your hair and your clothes?


It was hard to come up with a way to keep handbags dry that looked good. The two sisters played around with different materials as shower curtains were cut into different shapes with different types of clasps. They also used their wallets to test their ideas, which they tried out. That’s what they knew: Women have very different tastes in handbags and purses, so they wanted to make something that would work with a lot of different styles and look good when people saw them.

In the end, they came up with a polyurethane cover that came in three different sizes to fit a wide range of handbags, as well as different prints, like clear and black. The raincoat for your handbag is held in place with Velcro at the top. This can be adjusted to fit the bag around the handles and keep rainwater from getting inside and damaging your bag.

Handbag Raincoat History

Here, the handbag raincoat was made available to everyone in the world from this point on. Besides their Facebook page, they also launched their website. When the Shark Tank reality show aired in early 2015, it started getting a lot of attention. Later that year, it was even talked about on Dr. Oz. It rained a lot during Paris Fashion Week in 2017.

This helped the raincoat’s sales. A lot of the women there used it, and Harper’s Bazaar and Oprah’s magazine even talked about it. Women now had a way to keep their style even when it was wet.

Now that we know a little more about how the handbag raincoat came to be, let’s put it to the test in the rain! As soon as it came out, which brands have been its biggest competitors.

Handbag Raincoat Net Worth

You can make this item for $1.79, which is for all of the different sizes. It costs $5 for small, medium, and large sizes to make, and they sell for $11, $15, and $20 when they’re sold at the store. That raincoat has already made $125,000 in sales so far this year when this deal aired. In three years, the business has made $600,000 in gross sales.

The product is now being sold in one hundred Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores after going through a number of test markets, as well as in a number of Nordstrom and Container Store stores. In O Magazine, it has been talked about and sold more than 10,000 units. People who own a business say that they didn’t spend any money on marketing because they had to fight two people who were selling their own versions of the product. To do this, the business had to spend $10,000.

Our Review for Handbag Raincoat

Review for Handbag Raincoat
Review for Handbag Raincoat

The handbag raincoat is not the first of its sort, but it caters to a wider niche than the Hermes Birkin. There are three sizes of this raincoat available: maxi, midi, and micro. The raincoat is oval-shaped with an open slit and Velcro closure at the top. The bag handles go through the slit and are secured with Velcro to keep the bag dry.

The raincoat comes in a variety of colors and prints to match different outfits and accessories. The low cost allows for many designs, especially if it rains regularly where you live. The handbag raincoat’s creators have thought of everything. When it’s dry, the raincoat fits into a little pouch. The pouch partially seals to let water drop out and avoid unpleasant odors from retained water.

The pouch has a hook to attach to your jacket or handbag, but it doesn’t open, so you have to carry it in your hand all the time. The raincoat also opens from the bottom, like a regular raincoat. If you sit down, you’ll need to hang on to your bag to avoid injuring the bottom.



  • 3 different size options for different handbags.
  • Multiple prints and designs to suit everyone’s style.
  • Protects bags in heavy rain.
  • The Velcro fastening is water-resistant and durable.
  • Economical.


  • The raincoat doesn’t seal the handbag’s bottom.
  • The lightweight material slightly resembles the look of a shower curtain.

Our Final Thoughts

Women spend a lot of time and money on handbags. From Chanel and Louis Vuitton to everyday classics like Kate Spade, a woman’s handbag is priceless. The founders’ sisters had the concept for the handbag raincoat after noticing that ladies protect their bags from the rain more than anything else! With the handbag raincoat, you can walk through the rain with peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected. It’s time to get a raincoat that fits your bag.

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