Gullak Season 3 Release Date Status, Trailer & Everything We Know

When will the third season of “Gullak” be released on DVD? As a result, a sequel to the smash blockbuster Bollywood film “Gullak” will be released in the near future as well. Gullak is a word that literally translates as “piggy bank.” Gullak is a digital show created by Shreyansh Pandey for the SonyLIV streaming service, which is part of the The Viral Fever umbrella of brands (TVF). The Mishra family, which includes Santosh Mishra and Shanti Mishra, is the focus of the series.

“Gullak” (the character who is lying on the table, watching and narrating to us the narrative of his family in Shivankit Parihar’s voice) performed the narration of the story for the audience. It also contains Anand “Annu” Mishra and Aman Mishra, who are their children. Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Harsh Mayar live next door to Sunita Rajwar, who is a friend of Jameel Khan.

The show is directed by Palash Vaswani, and as a result, Durgesh Singh wrote the script for it. The first season of The Walking Dead premiered on June 27, 2019, on the TVF’s streaming platform TVF Play and on Sony Liv, with all episodes broadcasting on the same day.

The show received a great response from the audience. Look at the same, and we’ll go over the release date, spoilers, and where you can watch the second episode of Gullak’s new season. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the following web series to understand more about it.

Release Date Of Gullak Season 3

Gullak is one of the most popular online series, and the first episode of the series was released on June 27th, 2019. This sitcom gained enormous popularity after a few episodes of its release, and now it has a third season, which is called Season 3. The fans are quite enthusiastic about this Gullak Season 3 and are anxious to learn when the Gullak Season 3 premiere date will be announced.

Gullak Season 3 is planned to premiere sometime in the year 2022, according to current expectations. However, these are merely conjectures at this point. As a result, we will have to wait for an official announcement regarding the release date of Gullak Season 3.

gullak season 3

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Trailer Of Gullak Season 3

The trailer for Gullak’s third season has been made available. SonyLIV has released a one-minute preview with the phrase “Naye Hisse, Naye Kisse,” which is a play on words. We can deduce a lot from the teaser, despite the fact that it doesn’t reveal anything. However, it depicts a sequence from the future episode in question.

Santosh and Shanti Mishra are immensely enthralled by the practise of flipping chappals that they perform. For the preceding two months, the dreadful slippers have been held responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the world. This has a negative impact on their personal lives as a result.

Cast Of Gullak Season 3

In addition to Jameel Khan, Geetanjali, Vaibhav, and Harsh reprising their roles from the first and second seasons, this season will also feature new characters.

The film will feature Jameel Khan reprising his role as a middle-class man Santosh Mishra, and Geetanjali Kulkarni reprising her role as his wife Shanti Mishra, as well as Vibhav Raj Gupta and Harsh Mayar reprising their roles as the two sons of the Mishras – Anand aka Anu and Aman Mishra, respectively, in the film.

In addition, several new faces will be introduced in this season, as dictated by the screenplay. Shreyansh Pandey is the man behind the series’ conception. There have been no announcements about additional cast and crew members for this season.

Where To Watch Gullak’s Previous Seasons?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Gullak are currently accessible to stream on TVF Player and SonyLiv, respectively, as the show is available to stream on these two streaming sites as well. This series is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and other parents as well. It has been a popular web series to binge watch, especially once the repercussions of the lockdown in 2020 were revealed. According to our reviews, it is a show that should be watched by the entire family. This family drama is as real as it gets, evoking feelings of unity, nostalgia, love, and genuine emotions in the audience. It is a must-see.

End Lines

“Gullak” outlines what it means to be a family. While viewing, it brings back memories of when I was a kid and used to put coins in my piggy bank. My mother used to chastise me for the most insignificant of misdeeds while preparing my favourite dinner for me. To summarise: this is a web series that is intended to be watched with parents, even with teenagers.

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