Google Meet Finally Launch Emoji Reactions

Google is finally adding emoji reactions to Meet, which is something I and other coworkers have been waiting for since Google announced the feature a year ago, Verge Says. Now, the video conferencing platform will let you send responses to your colleagues in the background while you are on a call.

But, unlike on Zoom, the emoji don’t stay still. Instead, a line of reactions used during the call will float up the left side of the screen. If more than one person uses the same reaction, the line will break. In the upper-left corner of your video tile, you’ll also see small emoji badges, so you can see who reacted with what. Even though I haven’t tried it yet, it seems like a fun way to spice up meetings that are usually boring.

Google Meet Finally Launch Emoji Reactions
Google Meet Finally Launch Emoji Reactions (Source)

To start, Google is adding the heart, thumbs-up, party popper, wave, joy, surprise, thinking, crying, and thumbs-down emoji. It’s not all of the emoji responses that Zoom has, but it’s a start.

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You can use a reaction by clicking on the “smile” icon in Meet’s control bar. From there, you can choose an emoji and a skin tone, which Google will then apply to all the other reactions that can change color.

Google says that the feature is now available on Google Meet for the web, iOS devices, and Meet hardware devices. It’s not on Android yet, but Google says it will be in the “coming weeks.”

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