Goodbye Volcano High Release Date: When Will the Game Finally Launch?

A PlayStation console-only game called Farewell Volcano High will make an effort to tug at your heartstrings. You may get all the information you want about this high school dinosaur drama right here, including Farewell Volcano High’s release date, plot summary, and gameplay characteristics.

Goodbye Volcano High Release Date

On June 15, 2023, Farewell Volcano High will be made available on PC via Steam and only on PlayStation systems. Canadian independent game studio KO OP created and released the title.

Goodbye Volcano High Gameplay

Goodbye Volcano High Release Date
Goodbye Volcano High Release Date

Additionally, the new Sony State of Play teaser showed off more gameplay information, including aspects of rhythm games. After all, the characters in the game are musicians. The soundtrack of the game will be shaped by your performance, which will also have an impact on the words and songs you create in the game.

As a narrative-driven adventure game, the player’s choices will have an impact on the plot and resolution of the game. Knowing that a meteor is about to ignite the planet is a little unsettling, though.

Would your choices still count if you’re all going to die in the end? Alternatively, regardless of what the future holds, is coming to grips with your situation and resolving it with your loved ones the only thing that matters?

Revisiting Old Memories 

Goodbye Volcano High is an emotional narrative-driven adventure game that portrays the final days of anthropomorphic dinosaur high-schoolers, performing for a band in a time when the world is about to end as a result of a meteor strike.

For additional details, kindly refer to the tweet that may be seen below:

It was previously listed among our list of the top 10 new and upcoming PlayStation console exclusives. The game follows the members of the VVorm Drama band—the non-binary Fang, their best friends Trish, Reed, and drummer, the president of the student council Naomi, and Fang’s brother Naser—as they experience the highs and lows of their senior year at Volcano High and prepare to graduate.