Gleb Pavlovsky, Putin’s Former Spin Doctor-Turned-Critic, Passed Away At 71

The former spin doctor for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who later turned into a critic, has died at age 71 in a Moscow hospice after a long illness, his family said.

Gleb Pavlovsky died on Sunday, 26 feb 2023., his family said on Telegram. He was a Soviet-era dissident who worked for the Kremlin for 15 years until he fell out of favour in 2011.

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“Relatives and friends of Gleb Pavlovsky express their deep gratitude to everyone who supported and helped all these months, went through all of this with us, endured, understood and protected,” the announcement said.

No information was given about Pavlovsky’s illness, and no plans were made for his funeral.

Gleb Pavlovsky, Putin’s Former Spin Doctor-Turned-Critic Passed Away At 71
Gleb Pavlovsky, Putin’s Former Spin Doctor-Turned-Critic, Passed Away At 71

Pavlovsky was born in the port city of Odessa on the Black Sea. As a college student, he became involved in activities that were against the government. In 1982, he was arrested, pleaded guilty to the charges, and testified against some of his colleagues, which some people in the dissident movement have never forgiven.

Pavlovsky was sentenced to three years in an internal exile. After that, he went back to Moscow and joined a pro-democracy group that had grown out of reforms made by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. After the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, he became a political consultant. In 1996, he helped Russia’s first president, Boris Yeltsin, win re-election.

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Pavlovsky helped Putin get elected for the first time in March 2000, after Yeltsin left office. He kept advising the Kremlin until 2011, when he lost his job as a presidential adviser. Pavlovsky started criticizing the Kremlin and spoke out against efforts to tighten control over Russia’s political scene, such as cracking down on the opposition and independent media.

He also strongly criticised Putin’s decision over a year ago to send troops into Ukraine.

NEXTA posted a tribute to political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky from its official Twitter handle, linked below.

The English-language Moscow Times described Pavlovsky as “one of the most eloquent voices on the machinations and intrigue taking place in the halls of power.”

He is the most recent important Russian official or business person to die since the war started.

Marina Yankina, 58, a high-ranking defence official in the war against Ukraine, was found dead in a St. Petersburg apartment building after falling from a high-rise window.

It was said that she killed herself. Also, this month, Maj. Gen. Vladimir Makarov, 72, who worked for the Russian Ministry of the Interior, died in a Moscow suburb of what appears to be a suicide.

Late last year, 44-year-old Col. Vadim Boiko, the deputy head of the Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School in Vladivostok, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds. His death was also called a suicide.

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