What Are Gifted Subs On YouTube And How To Accept It?

Do you want the YouTube subs that were given to you? If you want to join the spotlight community by getting a free YouTube subscription, you must set up alerts for it. Many people twitch their

something like the beta program. Gift subscriptions on YouTube work the same way as gift subscriptions on Twitch, with only a few key differences. Gift subs on YouTube are only for beta creators with many followers. If you buy a YouTube gift membership, it will show up in your feed of things you’ve done. It means you can thank people who love your Channel and tell others about it.

If you want to set up alerts for when YouTube sends you new subscribers, this article is for you. Read the guide to find out what “gifted subs” on YouTube mean and how to accept them.

What Are Gifted Subs On YouTube?

Earlier, popular streamer Rachell launched the beta programs through social media. After that, most YouTube users will be able to use the Gift Subs program in 2022. Gifted subs on YouTube work the same way as those on Twitch. Streamers who are already online can fill out the survey on YouTube to ask for free subscribers.

What Are Gifted Subs On YouTube

Gifted subs on YouTube let the channel owner or a viewer buy a channel membership and give it as a gift to another viewer during a chat in a stream.

Channel members can buy a certain number of YouTube memberships [5,10,20] at once. These memberships are also given to non-members who watch my YouTube channel based on how much they interact with your Channel.

The people who watch your YouTube channel the most will have the best chance of getting the free subs because they interact with it the most. The main reason why the YouTube Gift Subs program was made was to help creators make more money. Gift subs on YouTube help creators get more people to interact with their channel by letting more viewers share their perks with others in the community. This is why it’s called a “win-win” situation. One great way to get more people in the community to buy gift subscriptions on YouTube for other people is to call attention to the fans during the stream with a special membership alert.

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How To Accept Gifted Subs on YouTube?

We already told you that loyal YouTube viewers would have a better chance of getting the free subs. How to accept YouTube subs that were given to you? To accept gifted subs on YouTube, viewers need to turn on the features for expert memberships.

This feature is easy to turn on—click on the gift icon in the chat ticker or when someone else buys subscriptions. If the YouTube channels are set up, people will automatically be entered to get gift subs that others buy on YouTube.

Once the viewers get the gift subscriptions, they can use the custom emotes that come with being a member. In the case of the gifted subscription beta, keep in mind that viewers can only buy gift subs in desktop mode. After YouTube added gift subscriptions, mobile options were added. Gifted subs are only possible on YouTube for channels that cost $5 or less to join. Creators can change the fee to join to meet the needs of YouTube members.


Once you get the free subs on membership the way I described above, you can plan fun things for your YouTube community to do. Stay tuned to our webiste NogMagazine.com for more updates.

How do you get a gift from YouTube?

The YouTube gift is easy to get through the live chat. To do this, you must go to an eligible channel stream. Go to “Live Chats,” click “Allow Gifts,” or choose “Pinned Membership Gifting.” Make sure you agree to allow gifts on YouTube by flipping the switch.

How do I know if someone on YouTube gave me a sub?

If you are chosen to get a gift subscription on YouTube, you can also get a personal live chat message and an email. The viewers get gift subscriptions, and creators don’t have to pay anything.