Gary Owens Divorce: What Happened In Her Personal Life?

Gary Owen’s career as a comedian has turned out to be quite successful. Owen’s big break came in 1997 on BET’s Comic View. After that, he went on to have a great career on stage and in movies.

The actor got parts in movies like “Daddy Day Care,” “Little Man,” and “Think Like a Man.” Gary’s professional life was going well, and he also had a lot going on in his personal life.

In 2003, the comedian got married to Kenya Duke. But after 18 years of marriage and three kids, the couple announced that they were breaking up. Even though divorces can be messy, these two are taking it to a whole new level.

A Look Into Gary Owen’s Divorce

Gary Owen seemed to have everything. What could go wrong with a top-tier comedy career, a loving wife, and a loving family?
So, it looks like everything! Gary’s wife Kenya, with whom he has been married for almost 20 years and has three children, filed for divorce in March 2021. Fans wanted to know right away why the marriage had to end, and there were many rumours that Owen had been cheating.

Gary Owen said that even though there wasn’t one big thing that caused their marriage to end, the couple is getting a divorce because their marriage has run its course. Even though the comic didn’t want to make things public, a number of angry posts were made on Kenya’s social media.

It turns out that Kenya’s rants were the only way she could get in touch with Gary during their divorce, since she says he doesn’t answer her or their kids’ calls or texts. Yikes!

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Kenya is now asking Gary Owen to pay her a very large monthly settlement. Kenya thinks that since the comedian is worth $3 million and she has been taking care of the finances for almost 20 years, she should get that much per month.

How much did Megan Fox have to pay Brian Austin Green because they didn’t have a prenup?

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What does the settlement for the divorce look like?

People Magazine got a bunch of court documents that said Kenya filed for divorce in March. However, she has now filed an RFO for Support because Gary stopped giving her and the kids the thousands of dollars per month that they were used to.

Gary Owens Divorce
Gary Owens Divorce

Duke wrote in the court document, “I had hoped to reach a peaceful agreement with my husband, but he has left me with no choice but to file this RFO for Support.”

“We’ve been married for more than seventeen years. Twenty-three years ago, I quit my job as an account manager, which was going well, to help Gary with his career “Kenya shared.

Kenya Duke is now asking Owen for $44,000 per month, which was the amount that was usually put into their account when they were married. Kenya would then pay the bills, which she said included “bills, credit cards, and spending money for herself and the kids.”

But that’s not all! Kenya asked for $44,000 per month for about four years, and she is also being asked for a one-time payment of $88,000 because “he hasn’t given me money for the last two months,” she said.

Even though they tried to keep their divorce quiet at first, things are getting very messy between them.

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