Furies Ending Explained: Does Bi Survive The World of Crime?

In Netflix’s latest Vietnamese action drama Furies, Veronica Ngo returns to Saigon’s streets to protect them from crime lords involved in human trafficking and building massive drug empires.

The film is a prologue to Ngo’s role in the 2019 Netflix sensation Furie, in which she played Hai Phuong, a mother who fought bravely to save her daughter, Mai.

In Furies, Ngo plays the role of Jacqueline, aka Aunt Lin, who is on a hate-and-revenge-fueled journey to kill wealthy men in the city who r*pe, traffic, and exploit women.

Aunt Lin meets Bi (ng nh Qunh), a little girl whose tragic existence is depicted in the film’s opening scenes, and teaches her, together with Hong (Rima Thanh Vy) and Thanh (Tóc Tiên), to become an assassin.

The group’s final operation, featuring incredible martial arts and action sequences, eventually exposed a huge plot twist when Aunt Lin’s true motivations for the expedition surfaced.

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Furies ending explained: Bi must make choices, but will these choices lead her down the right path?

The story of Furies begins with Bi, a little Vietnamese girl who is forced to fend for herself after a guy viciously beats and r*pes her, then kills her mother and burns down their dilapidated home.

She subsequently relocates to Saigon, where she lives on the streets, stealing from people and fighting men who refer to her as a “wh*re.”

This is where she meets Aunt Lin, who takes her in and gives her a good life and a roof over her head. The only catch is that Bi must train to fight with two other young girls, Hong and Thanh, who come from similar homes and have comparable pasts.

Furies Ending Explained

Their mission is to dismantle a potent drug and s*x trafficking organization and assassinate its ringleader, Hai Cho Dien (Thun Nguyn).

Bi is wary of the other two girls, but they grow close despite their disparate personalities and initial differences. The teenage girls groove to ’90s V-Pop tunes between training sessions and mass killings, referring to each other as “family.”

As Furies develops, it becomes clear that Aunt Lin is out for vengeance for a loss she suffered years ago. She uses the three girls’ various past traumas to feed their wrath and use them to bring down her adversary’s kingdom. Nevertheless, the squad suffers a huge setback when Hong is killed during a mission.

Bi refuses to take part in Lin’s revenge scheme after losing Hong but is coerced into going to the front lines, this time alongside Aunt Lin and Thanh.

The trio plans to invade Hi’s casino and kill him, but Thanh is hurt during the combat scene. Lin then tricks her way into Hi’s den, where she murders him for revenge.

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Does Bi go down the dark road at the end of Furies?

The key plot twist in Furies occurs when Aunt Lin shoots down people who support her from the start, causing Bi and Thanh to realize that it was never about helping exploited girls or doing good for the community for her but about becoming the turf’s leader. She then shoots Thanh after forcing her to shoot Bi for refusing to cooperate.

The ultimate showdown occurs when Aunt Lin shoots the former, whom she once considered a mother figure and family, before dropping to the ground herself. But that’s not the end of the story; when the cops arrive, they discover that Bi is still alive.

Furies conclude on an incredibly open note, transporting the audience 15 years later, when Bi is shown walking out of prison as Thanh Sói, the child trafficking gang leader who attempts to harvest organs from Mai in the 2019 Furie.

Bi has turned into an exploiter after years of torture. The film starts immediately away, with her proclaiming, “From the minute I was born, I have been destined for darkness.”

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