Fulltone Controversy: Retailers Have Begun To Boycott Guitar Pedals

Fulltone Controversy: After Fulltone’s CEO, Mike Fuller said hurtful things on social media about the ongoing protests for justice after George Floyd was killed by police, people were very angry.

How is this different from night four, when thieves got away with everything? He also said, “Ahh I feel better and I got rid of some spoiled boys who had been taught to pee while sitting down.” It’s never been clearer that the p—- Mayor and Governor don’t care about small businesses. I’ll take it away now.

Fuller responded to a complaint sent to the company’s email address in the same harsh way as his first article. A screenshot of an email sent to a fan page says, “I’m telling you to sell your pedals because you really don’t deserve them.”

fulltone controversy
fulltone controversy

The professor said, “You are such a bigot to think that the Good people who are protesting are the same as the Organized gang banger criminals who are robbing storefronts.” People who are good and hardworking live and work in those “storefronts.” If I see you using your Fulltone pedal, I’ll put a tag on it, break into your house, and steal it. That’s my right to free speech, right?

In response to Fuller’s comments, Guitar Center an online store that sells musical instruments, said “We no longer do business with Fulltone and are working quickly to remove all Fulltone products from our stores and websites.”

Even though Fuller apologised his comment was taken down after getting more negative feedback. Mark Hoppus of blink-182 tweeted, “Never buying another Fulltone pedal, and I’ll find a good way to get rid of the ones I already have.” Several well-known musicians have also said they will not work with Fulltone.

In response, Jason Isbell and Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls called Fulltone’s music “overpriced trash” and the business’s owner a “jerk.”

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