Frozen Pizza Recalled After Customers Find Metal Pieces (Latest Updates)

In New York City, Because it might have metal in it, Home Run Inn Frozen Foods is recalling about 13,000 pounds of frozen pizza.

The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a release on Sunday that the pizza’s meat topping “may be contaminated with foreign materials, specifically metal.”

The regulator said that some customers said they found metal in their pizza.

Home Run Inn’s Chicago Premium Pizzeria Deluxe Sausage Classic pizzas are being recalled. They were made on June 6, 2022, and were sold in 33.5-ounce cartons with a “best by” date of December 3, 2022. Inside the USDA’s inspection stamp, boxes are marked with “Est. 18498-A.”

Frozen Pizza Recalled After Customers Find Metal Pieces

The agency said that there have been no confirmed reports of injuries or other bad effects from using these products. If you have one of the affected pizzas in your freezer, you should throw it away or return it to where you bought it. They were sent to a distributor in Illinois, who then sent them to stores.

Frozen Pizza Recalled After Customers Find Metal Pieces

In a statement to CNN Business, the company said that “the safety of our customers and the quality of our Home Run Inn products are of the utmost importance” and that it is “working closely” with the USDA on the recall.
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Home Run Inn is an Illinois company that makes frozen pizzas and runs a chain of restaurants.

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