Julie Banderas a US News Anchor Announced Her Divorce on Live Television

Julie Banderas revealed her relationship status when appearing on the Fox News comedy program “Gutfeld!” Julie Banderas and her spouse Andrew Sansone have been married since 2009.

A Fox News anchor, Julie Banderas, shocked her audience on Thursday by announcing that she is divorcing her husband during a Valentine’s Day show. During an appearance on the news network’s comedy program “Gutfeld!” Ms. Banderas, who has been wed to her spouse Andrew Sansone since 2009, disclosed her marital status.

As host Greg Gutfeld started talking about Valentine’s Day and asked her whether she was planning to get anything special for the occasion, she didn’t hold back.

“F**k Valentine’s Day,” Ms. Banderas said flatly before adding, “It is stupid, even when I was married, I didn’t get sh*t for Valentine’s Day.” Her comments prompted Mr. Gutfeld to question whether the news anchor meant she was “no longer married.” At this point, she revealed that she and her husband are getting divorced.

“Well, I’m getting a divorce. I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the first time,” Ms. Banderas said while smiling. “Thank you, everyone. Congratulations are in order. That was breaking news right here on Gutfeld!” she added.

Watch the video below: 

Then, during the segment, Ms. Banderas pushed the live audience and her fellow panelists to applaud, saying that people who “know” her know this is an important statement. “If you know me, you’ll clap,” she added. 

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Ms. Banderas also teased on Twitter earlier in the day that she would make a “little announcement” during the Valentine’s Day part of the show, which led to her reveal.

“Tune into @Gutfeldfox tonight at 11 pm ET. I have a little announcement at the end of the show. (During the Valentine’s Day segment, ironically).” she tweeted alongside a selfie. 

According to People magazine, Ms. Banderas and Andrew Sansone have three children together and have been married since 2009. When she referred to Mr. Sansone as her “soon-to-be-ex” in December, she had already intimated that their relationship was finished. The anchor commented on Twitter in response to a supporter who claimed Ms. Banderas’ jokes about Ms. Sansone had left him in “stitches.”

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