Florida Mom Leaves Kids in Car Fire Erupts During Shoplifting

A Florida lady is accused of leaving her two children in her b*rning car while she went shopping.

According to NBC News, Alicia Moore, 24, was arrested and now faces two felony counts for the May 26 incident.

The Orlando resident’s children, whose ages are unknown, survived the fire, but one received first-degree b*rns.

Moore’s vehicle, a 2016 Lincoln, was parked at Oviedo Mall in Oviedo, where she was allegedly shoplifting from Dillard’s with an “unknown male” when it caught fire. Moore dumped the stuff and fled the department store when she noticed her car was on fire.

Thanks to the spectators’ assistance, both youngsters eventually could exit the flaming truck and sought treatment in a local hospital.

One of Moore’s children received severe first-degree b*rns on her face and ears before escaping.

Moore was detained on an unrelated warrant unconnected to the Oviedo Mall incident and charged with arson and severe child neglect.

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While the source of the fire is still unknown, Moore is said to have contributed to her children’s injuries because “the fire occurred during the commission of a felony by Moore.”

Moore pleaded not guilty on Friday. According to court records, her bond is $20,000, and her arraignment is scheduled for June 27.

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