Fire Force Season 3 Release Date: Is Renewed Or Not? Check Updates

Funimation has yet to confirm a specific date for the third season of Fire Force, despite the show’s exploding popularity. The second season premiered just one year after the first one wrapped up. However, Season 3 appears to be an exception to this rule. The Fire Force Season 3 fans, on the other hand, had been hoping for more sci-fi action.

Despite this, manga sales of Fire Force have soared. As Shinra’s popularity grows, so does the anticipation among fans. For this reason, here’s everything we know so far about Season 3.

Everything We Know So Far About Fire Force Season 3

Since the end of the second season on December 12th, 2020, we haven’t heard anything about a third season. Still, there is optimism that Funimation may announce a third season of Fire Force any time soon. To make a long storey short, Funimation is compelled by manga sales as well as a strong market for Season 3. Many anime programmes have already had their release dates pushed back because to the epidemic. As a result, Fire Force has been the target of criticism.

fire force season 3
fire force season 3

Despite this, the demand for high-quality anime continues to grow. As a result, a third season is very certainly on the way.

The Plot of Season 3

There is a close correlation between the Fire Force anime and manga storylines. From volume 1 through midway through volume 11, this season depicted the entire storey. Both of these volumes continued from the 11th volume up to and including the beginning of volume 20.

The Fire Force Season may therefore continue this trend. The third season of Naruto may have some filler episodes, but that’s to be expected in an anime series.
However, there are only 32 volumes in the manga. As a result, the anime was able to wrap up its third season without the need for any filler arcs.
Season 3 of Fire Force will continue the storyline established in Season 2 of the series. Benimaru’s (Captain of Company 7) training would be completed by Shinra, allowing him access to The Press of Death. Furthermore, things will be difficult for Company 8 because they have been labelled as traitors. Shinra’s forgiveness for all of his lost colleagues may be the end of the anime in Season 3, which ended on a sour note (Hague’s death).

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Fire Force Season 3 Cast

There is a good chance that the third season will be released by Funimation. Additionally, we can only assume that the original cast will return for the third season of Fire Force. Some of the most prominent cast members, if not all of them, may have had their roles recast.

  • Shinra Kusakabe: Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) Derick Snow (English)
  • Sister Iris: Mao Ichimichi (Japanese) Alexis Tipton (English)
  • Tamaki Kotatsu: Aoi Yuuki (Japanese) Jad Saxton (English)
  • Arthur Boyle: Yuusuke Kobayashi (Japanese) Eric Vale (English)
  • Maki Oze: Saeko Kamijou (Japanese) Sarah Roach (English)
  • Akitaru Oubi: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese) Jeremy Inman (English)
  • Takehisa Hinawa: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese) Christopher Wehkap (English)
  • Benimaru Shinmon: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese) Aaron Roberts (English)
  • Joker: Tsuda Kenjirou (Japanese) Sonny Strait (English)

Fire Force Renewal: Season 3

To date, the show’s creators have said nothing official about a possible third season of Fire Force. Even so, there’s enough content for a third season. All except one of the books have never been read. New Season Optimism Is Given. Both seasons of Fire Force have an IMDB rating of 7.7. MyAnimeList’s Public Rating Is 7.75. The Producers, on the other hand, won’t have a hard time bringing back a new season.

For the time being, the only evidence we have comes from the season finale. Whenever a storey arc isn’t complete, the show’s creators choose for another season. In addition, the show’s first two seasons were well received. Fans can only wait for official announcements at this time. The Producers Will Announce a New Season as Soon as There Is Enough Interest.

Release Date For Fire Force 3

The Second Season of Fire Force was postponed because of the epidemic. Now, December 2020 will be the date for the sequel’s release. As a result, the third edition can be assumed to be in excellent condition. Since the manga has been such a huge hit, the author is really considering writing more of it. So, the animators will have to wait as well.

Fire Force Season 3 may, however, be given a unique ending by the show’s creators. If the delay is due to the manga, fans should expect a later Anime release date. Slates for Fire Force Season 3 will be available by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, whichever comes first.


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