Feria Season 2: Release Date, Spoilers, Episodes Number And Plot

An original series on Netflix, Feria: The Darkest Light follows the adventures of two sisters, Eva and Sofia, who find themselves drawn into a real-life adventure after their parents are accused in a string of murders.

As the title suggests, the supernatural thriller series depicts each sister dealing with adversity in her own unique way until they are all transformed into demons. Throughout the film, the plot gradually takes on an apocalyptic tone, with the survival of the city and its inhabitants in jeopardy.

Agustin Martnez and Carlos Montero’s supernatural premise and storyline for their television series, which blended genres ranging from teen drama to supernatural horror, drew the attention of both critics and fans.

A cliffhanger ended Season 1, leaving the fates of all of the characters in limbo. Season 2 will continue where Season 1 ended.

Consequently, if you’re curious about whether or not we’ll ever see Feria: The Darkest Light Season 2, here’s everything we know so far.

Feria Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Feria: The Darkest Light Season 1 premiered on Netflix on January 28, 2022, and is currently available to stream. In order to provide the best binge-worthy experience possible, all eight episodes were released at the same time, with each episode lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Neither an official announcement nor confirmation of Feria: The Darkest Light Season 2 has been made. This, on the other hand, is not always a negative development. Given the show’s recent premiere, Netflix is likely to conduct a viewership analysis before deciding whether or not to produce a second season.

To the delight of fans of the eerie series, Carlos Montero, the show’s co-creator, has revealed in an interview that three seasons of the plot are already planned for the series. As a result, if given the chance, the dark adventures in the small Spanish village of Feria could potentially last for another two seasons if the writers so choose.

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Plot Of Feria Season 2

At the conclusion of Season 1, Sofia is picked up by Belda and Halid from the hospital. They transport her to an abandoned mine with the intention of transporting her to a ritual shrine. Halid is killed by Belda, who then transports Sofia to the temple, where she is reunited with the demon Umma. Belda was killed by the demonic creature, and a door suddenly opened in the room. A terrifying monster is released after Sofia, mesmerised by her mother’s appearance in the darkness of the doorway, enters a demonic portal and agrees to open it, releasing her mother.

The possibility of a future reunion between Sofia and her mother, Elena, exists. Sofia has been motivated from the beginning by a desire to locate her mother, who appears to be trapped within the Kingdom of the Nightingales. The storey will almost certainly continue to unfold now that Sofia has essentially sacrificed her entire city by unlocking the door to see her mother for the sake of seeing her. According to the cult, both the mother and daughter are regarded as “perfect beings,” which grants them the ability to control the threshold.

Cast Of Feria Season 2

 It will be too soon to make any assumptions, but we can draw some conclusions about Season 2’s prospects and potential based on where Season 1 ended up and where it is going.

The show’s primary characters are played by Carla Campra (Sofia), Ana Tomeno (Eva), and Isak Férriz (Guillén), among others. Because of this, we can anticipate their return for Feria Season 2 as well.

Among the other regular cast members are Marta Nieto (Elena) and Ernest Villegas (Pablo), Salva Reina (Marcos), Carlos Scholz (Ral), Sauce Ena (Estrella), Carmen Navas (Mar), Jorge Motos (Chisco), Pepa Gracia (Candela), Lazar Dragojevic (Halid), and Angela Cremonte (Anita) (Blanca). A season 2 cast member is not expected to be David Luque, whose character Belda died in the season 1 finale. That is, at least until we witness a major plot twist in which the actor’s character comes back to life.

End Lines

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