FBI International Season 2 Episode 13 Spoilers: Which Side is Gwen on?

The FBI has revealed that Season 5, Episode 13 will feature Maggie’s former mentor. Is she a reliable member of the team? The three FBI shows have resumed airing fresh episodes after a brief break. The first episode of the series features Maggie having a visitor from her past.

One of two things may occur when a character’s previous tutor appears. Either the mentor is required to assist with the investigation (or is someone who has been contacted to handle a cold case or anything similar), or the mentor is attempting to hide some wrongdoing. What has happened between Maggie and her former mentor Gwen Carter this week?

FBI International Season 2 Episode 13 Spoilers

FBI International Season 2 Episode 13 Spoilers
FBI International Season 2 Episode 13 Spoilers

Any outcome is possible for this episode. A professional informant was murdered in the actual case. His death was discovered outside of a closed-down factory, which leads me to believe that the mentor relationship is not good. Could Gwen have arranged for the informant’s death in some way?

The images from the performance were tweeted by the FBI on February 15 as follows:

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Of course, it’s possible that Gwen feels terrible about killing her informant. She might wish to collaborate with the crew to solve the mystery, but I don’t think that’s how many of these shows work. Typically, when a mentor we haven’t seen previously appears, it means that one of the notable characters is about to learn something unpleasant.

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