Love Is Blind Season 3 Women Slam “Clout Chaser” Andrew Following Fake Tears Scene

“Love Is Blind” season three’s most cringe-worthy and strange moment (so far) happened in episode three before the contestants even left the pods. At the beginning of the episode, Nancy Rodriguez turned down Andrew Liu’s proposal. He then sat down for an interview, looking calm and quiet.

“What do you have on your mind?” Someone else, probably a producer, told him what to do.

Andrew asked, “Are you having fun?”

When the person said yes, Andrew pulled out what looked like a bottle of eyedrops and asked the person behind the camera if it was okay to use them. They told him he could leave if his eyes hurt, so he knew they weren’t making him lie about anything.

Fake Tears Love Is Blind Season 3
Fake Tears Love Is Blind Season 3

Andrew said, “It’s just too much” as he put the drops in his eyes. After using the drops, he looked back at the camera and said with a smirk, “Just a little bit.”

During the rest of the interview, he sniffled and blinked his eyes as he told the camera how much it hurt that Nancy said no. “I never thought I could care about someone so much that they would make me cry,” he said as tears ran down his face. Must read Love is Blind Season Spoilers: All The Spoilers, Engagements, And Break-Ups

Fans Had A Lot of Feelings About Andrew’s Apparently Enhanced Emotions

Since all TV is edited, the producers could have cut the scene with Andrew and his eyedrops, which most viewers thought was Andrew acting sad to make himself seem more sympathetic. But the strange moment made it into the final version, and people had a lot of thoughts about it.

“One of the #LoveIsBlind producers didn’t like Andrew and made sure that the clip of him acting sad made it into the final cut,” wrote @hollyjgf.

Some people who saw the moment on social media said it was “manipulative” and were worried that people were defending him.

“It blows my mind that the editors of ‘Love is Blind’ left in Andrew’s manipulative fake tears and drops and that there are STILL men defending him like ‘no, his eyes were just hurting,’” wrote @JesNx. “Imagine being a man who sees that kind of manipulative behavior and doesn’t fear for the women it’s aimed at.”

Others agreed and said that Andrew was “terrifying.”

“I couldn’t even close my mouth. Andrew is really scary, “Bolu Babalola, a screenwriter, tweeted.

But Meg Zukin, who wrote a recap of “Love Is Blind” for Vulture, said something different about him.

“Love is Blind’s Andrew is not a real person. he’s an Elon musk minion. He is a computer program sent from Burning Man, “Zukin tweeted.

Others were less critical and just enjoyed the moment for what it was worth as entertainment. “No matter what you say, he was cool for doing this. I live for Andrew, “In a tweet with pictures of the time, one user wrote: “It’s a beautiful day.”

Andrew told Insider via Instagram Direct Message that viewers could be “outraged” by what was happening.

Andrew didn’t stay quiet when there was a big fuss on social media, but he never said for sure that he was using the drops to fake tears. Marie Claire took a video of the moment and put it on his Instagram story. He wrote, “You guys could have at least taken out the pimple.”

Us Weekly says that Andrew also posted a few memes and fan responses to the event on his Instagram story. In one, it was suggested that the producers let him use the drops without telling him that they would be in the final cut. He answered: “Due to my contract, I can’t say yes or no. How unfortunate.”

When Insider asked Andrew through Instagram Direct Message if he had a response to the criticism he’s been getting on social media or anything else to say about the scene, he said: “Only a few words. People should be able to make up their own minds. In the end, that’s part of the fun! After all, it’s a TV show. I can’t say anything about the scene itself that isn’t in the official story.”

“If your heart tells you to be angry, be angry. Or don’t, “he added.

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