Every Overwatch 2 DPS Is Getting A New Passive Buff, And Players Are Scared

In a blog post on September 21, Blizzard talked about some of the changes that will be in the game when it comes out. They are also going back to the drawing board to figure out how to give DPS heroes a little boost.

The change happened because the passive that let DPS players keep some ultimate charge when switching heroes now applies to all roles.

New Overwatch 2 ultimate Changes Revealed

Now, players of any role will get up to 30% of their ultimate chargeback when they switch heroes. The developers said they made this choice after getting a lot of feedback from fans. “When we announced that up to 30% of a DPS hero’s ultimate power could be transferred when swapping heroes, we got a lot of questions about why that wasn’t a change for all heroes,” they said. “After more testing, we agree, and we’re making a change so that when we launch, the whole team can use it.”

It will be very interesting to see how this turns out, especially since the developers have said that many players don’t switch heroes as often as some might think. This change to the game as a whole also meant that DPS heroes no longer had a unique passive role, so the developers made a new one, and it’s crazy.

DPS heroes in OW2 will have a new passive role.

When a DPS hero is eliminated in the future, they will get a small buff of 25% faster reloading and moving for 2.5 seconds. This won’t add up if you use it more than once, but it will reset the cooldown, which the developers say is a step in the right direction.

If a DPS hero gets eliminated, they get a nice buff. “We think this change is a good way to reward players who do well in the Damage role without giving them too much power,” they said. “However, we may continue to try out new things with what these passives do in future seasons as we try to change the meta often.”

A lot of the other changes are specific to heroes and were leaked before the Overwatch League came back. When Overwatch 2 finally comes out on October 4, players can try out all of these changes and more.

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